Sunday, January 8, 2012


i poached sliders today with a buddy and his brother (who now i would consider a buddy too!). my buddy Eric rode my feral pig, while i rode another board of mine. the board i was riding felt like it had and anchor attached to its skeg. where as Eric with his D fin was projecting out of bottom tuns, getting some nice curl shoots, and getting some cut backs all the way to the beach!!! i have no pics of the session. as if some nuance of sliders point came into my "smart phone" and said "ye shall NOT record!!!!". in other words, my camera would not activate. i mean , my phone , while at sliders would not take photos today . as soon as i left sliders it was good to go. CLASSIC. either way, i was stoked to get some salt water in me blood. stoked to share some sliders with a buddy.
the photo above was poached from Eric's blog.

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