Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Gulf Stream Surfboards: wild west shooter!

me chunky brother Russ sent this the other day. post like this stoke me out!!!!  Hi Mike, 
Thought I'd send you a few picks of the latest Wild West Shooter from Gulf Stream Surfboards  and a few words!!
Hope all is well Mike and take care my Chunky Brother Russ
Check out this new beauty from Jools and his team at Gulf Stream Surfboards. This board is 9'8" of stunning craftsmanship. The Triple stringer is iconic, aesthetically beautiful and shall ever be part of the longboard heritage. Since the glory days of the 50's and 60's the triple stringer has provided not just strength but also beauty. Surfers like Phil Edwards, Billy Hamilton, Mike Hynson and Lance Carson were captured riding these standout designs by the likes of Ron Stoner and Leroy Grannis made these boards part of history and I have always been drawn to their beauty.

Wide point slightly back and with subtle rails throughout until you get to a vicious edge in the tail. This Wild West Shooter is designed to be a little more user friendly than model one but no less of a turner in the redirection department. Fitted with a beautiful crafted rounded pin we're talking smooth lines, fun times and with the extra kick, it'll turn on a dime.  A little wider in the nose at 17.75 and 16" in the tail, the stability on this steed is balanced and trim friendly. We're not talking full on noserider but all round trimable goodness with no concave to slow the rider down.

For those looking to support their local shaper, as we all should, this sled is also as pretty sustainable too. The blank is from Homeblown down here in Portreath and shaped in Devon, UK. Apart from the resin and cloth, this is the best of British and feel proud that after purchasing one of these beauties I'll be supporting the local economy.

For more info contact myself on and be proud to support the shapers in the UK.
P.S.  I'm not a purist and have a quiver complete with imports which are all keepers!!

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