Sunday, April 28, 2013

Good morning Sunday!!

love these little spinners! so fun on a piglet!!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

sliders point!

walk down, spring has sprung!
never gets old!
Kris and Darren
nice left.
yeah Kris!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Gregg's OWL!!!!

Gregg sent me this via
Hi Mr Black,I wanted to send you a picture of my new Marc Andreini 9'8 pig,I found it at Trim surfboards in Devon ,Newton Abbott and couldn't resist! I've been reading your blog and as I'm tall and not exactly light,thought it would be perfect for me.Also I think it's a work of art!! I'm learning to surf so this may be a bit extravagant but I figure it will help and I plan to keep it for a long time if not for ever as I love the whole long board vibe.I surf with my son ,we are learning together! and we are down at Bournemouth ,Dorset England , anyway I hope you find this a little interesting . Thanks for. You blog ,regards Gregg Poulter
a clean board to be sure!!!

Jason's Bing Pig!!!!!

Jason sent this to me via
Inspired by your site to get this board and wow am I happy I did. I caught the first wave I went for on it and it felt like a hot knife gliding through butter, it was oh so easy to turn. I'm going to sleep on my board tonight. Here's a few photos of this wild and sexy lady.

so stoked!!! love contributions like this!!!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

sliders point!

smukes and i scored a few little sliders before the monkey show came calling out decimal numbers to the thousandth place. really?... yeah, REALLY. little sequence below.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Mr. Cherry's Gordie, FINISHED!!

Mr Cherry sent me the below pictures and story. Here is a link to this AMAZING board in progress!!!
Hi Grasshopper, Here are the first pics of the ’62 Gordie I just finished restoring. I acquired it from my Lil Bro, Frank a couple of years ago. It was a super-solid board before the restoration, with the exception of some discoloring and a few ugly rail dings with very old and very bad repairs. I replaced those with new foam and re-glassed them. I did all the restoration repairs, but this time I let Michael Miller’s color guy do the opaque resin panels. The ’62 Hobie I restored came out great. I did those color panels myself, but…what a chore!! Plus, to me this is a very important board and I wanted it perfect. It is! The nice thing about this board, even though it was always clear volan glassed, Gordie did as many opaque color panels on his boards during this period. So this restoration is very correct. The color in most of these photos is washed out because of the brightness outside. The colors in 3405 and 3380 are pretty right on. My second board in my young surfing career (about 1962) was an 8-0 Gordie. It had the same fin template, but a different glue-up pattern. It had 3 stringers. The two outboard stringers widened, close at the nose and further from the center stringer as they went back, hitting the rail about 24” from the tail. It had sky-blue opaque resin panels outside of the outboard stringers. It was a really cool board. I still have pictures of me with it somewhere. The fin on this board is the original. I was able to remove it, remove the glass, sand it and reinstall it. I’m planning on taking this one to sacred craft, along with a 9’7” balsa board that I will make with a similar stringer pattern and some crazy woodwork in the fin. I’d like to display them side by side in honor of Gordie and all the cool stuff back then that still inspires surfboard design today. You will get to see it in person SOON. Summer is almost here Bro! Ciao Fratello,JC

Monday, April 15, 2013

Surf A Pig's 3rd annual Luau!

it's that time of year again! so stoked!!! thank you jason arnold for another flier!! i'll update soon regarding patches!!!!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

3rd annual surf a pig luau!!!

June 28 - 29. Surf A Pig 3rd annual Luau! Saturday June 29th we will be doing it. Just North of trail 6 on the San Onofre Bluffs. This year's camp site has a ton of shade trees and a great view of the ocean. so stoked!!! into pigs? then... bring your pig surfboard, or come check out ours! We will being roasting another pig this year. The food should be ready to eat sometime in the middle of the day Saturday. These gatherings are for pig enthusiast to have a kicked back day of enjoying life! Currently, there seem to be plenty of camp sites available for that weekend. soon i'll be accepting donations for some patches of the design below to try and recoup some of the cost for the food and beverage. keep an eye out for details regarding patches! CHEERS!!!!
violet and i checking the scene.
gotta love it!
view from under the shade trees!
picture a herd of pigs shading themselves right there!
its going to be SSIIICCCKKKK!!!!!