Monday, August 31, 2009

reefer man!

Mango bill says bing rules!

mango bill sent me this via
Attached are some shots from aussiesurfer from on his Bing pig at Shevagas Wisco a spot called the Elbow and some board shots these are all from April 2008.
Mango bill"

sliders on a bing gettin photo'd

It has been a great summer over here at sliders. Those of us that surf this wave are lucky. I am one of the lucky 3,476 that surf here every day. The past couple of days (8/29, 8/30) have been photographed by Bruno Teixeira. Bruno doesn't have a web page (he does have an email email him and see if he has a shot of you!). He takes good photos though. He shot something like 101 photos of me at sliders yesterday and the day before. I will be getting them later today and posting some of the choice ones up as I see fit. It is a weird thing though. It makes me feel like I am trying to inflate my ego. Its my blog and I am posting picture of me surfing. My name is Mike not Narcissus. However, if some of this blue and green planet's occupants would send me there pig surfing photos I'd be post them up too ..or maybe instead!
At any rate I am super excited to have the photos. They are awesome and they are the first shots I have of me on my glorious BING Pig . I took the above photos with my chitty phone camera. Its a trip to see how the wave looks when you have a proper camera. GET THE LOGS READY!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

CCOPERFISH claendar made love to a pig device?

This warrants an explanation. Back when I first announced "Jazz the Glass" on swaylocks (you have to scroll down a bit) some internet person (boardman) wrote an entry where they mentioned "Jizz the Grass". A funny and kind of sick (in a gross way) play on words. Then over on some internet person (DP Raker) post a link to the image below. Too funny! That site is clever too. You can just fill in whatever words you want into the word boxes. Some internet person calling them self "Planet see" apparently made the one below.(click on the picture to blow it up enough to read the words!) The reference to "How's November?" at the end of the comic is a mention of the November COOPERFISH calendar model I'd guess. Maybe...just maybe, this guy knows something about the FUTURE!! HA HA HA HAAA!!(thats a laugh like a mad scientist might make)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hobie Pig/Chip

My buddy Ryan Smith has been asking me about this board. Comments anyone? Does anyone know any thing about this board? How much do you think its worth? I have no information about it.

Some pig surfers need to know how to do this.

Surfboards by RON

John Woliewicz sent me this via
Great blog, love your updates always fun and informative. I have had allot of old longboards back in the 90's and foolishly let them all go, slowly I have been building a collection of vintage boards again and last week I stumbled upon this. It is an Australian built Ron, from what I gathered they were made from 1962-65 which is a short period of time for a board manufacturer. I got this board on a trade for some skateboard wheels and trucks. Hope you enjoy and keep up the great job with your sight.


p.s. since some of us don't read comments i thought i'd post this here: "
The old RON's. They were only built for a few years. In Australia as in the US there were a number of companies that jumped on the surfing band wagon in the 60"s hoping to cash in on this new fad. RON surfboards was a sudsiduary company of Crane Industries. Crane industries were in the plumbing supply business. And were based in Sydneys Western suburbs. I own a RON and it is a pig. That is, it's a dog, not a pig. Every time you try and turn it it falls over. Hopless. Your one looks like an early one. Geoff McCoy started his career there. platty."

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bascom Lunsford

Bascom Lunsford is a musician that was heard before sessions whilst on a pig board. Hence my choice to feature his video here. I would have embedded it had it gave me that opportunity.
You Tube Bascom Lunsford

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Velzy on craigslist

My buddy Phil of slider's sent me this. I don't know anything about the logo. Here is how the description reads: "Vintage 1960 signed Dale Velzy Longboard (Oceanside)
I'm selling a professionally restored 10 foot longboard, signed by (above glass with a sharpie) Dale Velzy, during his 75 birthday party celebration. I originally purchased the board from the store manager at The Longboard Grotto in June of 2004, 11 months before Velzy's death, at age 77. This board has documented history and was restored in Hawaii by respected surfboard shaper, Randy Rarick. It was originally purchased in California in 1960 ... eventually living off the Oregon coast before making it's way to Hawaii. The wooden "pig" fin is original, as with the "wedge" (wider at the nose and tapers to the tail) stringer. Randy found an original unused laminate that matched the original laminate exactly. The board is in immaculate condition without dings or scratches. Call to discuss price. (760) 583-6268 and ask for Randy"

Saturday, August 22, 2009

UK swine!

Rob sent this to me via
been following the blog for a while, and am stoked to see so many good looking boards. i've been making a version of my own for a while, and must say the pig design is too much fun! here's some i'm riding at the moment. 10' , nose 15", 23" wide, 17" tail with 8" square...thanks for the stoke!

Thanks for sharing! Good on ya for making a board. It looks great. I wonder how a D fin would go. Rainbow makes one. Send some shots of the board in action if you ever get any. CHEERS!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Ross's craigslist SCORE!!!

My buddy Ross of Ventura finally sent me his BING pix. NICE!!! here they are and here is the story: "There are plenty of before & after photos from the restoration process, complete with captions that give you an idea of what was going on.
As for backstory, I bought the board from a fellow in Newbury Park (my hometown) who was short on cash and looking to remove some junk from his side yard. At the time the board appeared to be in poor shape so I gave him a couple hundred bucks and figured I'd fill
the nose or something and just ride it as a beater log. As I did some ding repair, however, I noticed that the glass job was solid (no delam) and there was clean foam under & around most places. The light blue paint appeared to be after-market so I sanded off a layer only to find yet ANOTHER layer of blue hotcoat (also aftermarket) and the massive bing "eye" on the bottom. A little more sanding revealed the near-pristine white foam underneath so I decided to restore the entire board as much as possible. Bruce Collings of Malibu was kind enough to rebuild the nose with a new Balsa stringer-extension and foam chunks from an old junk board. Other shark bites were attended to and after a final hotcoat seal around the rails, she was back in action!"

Bing wrote me the following information concerning Ross' board:

"Hi Mike,
I've been enjoying your blog. It's nice to see all the current interest in Pig shapes. Your friend's board #4126 was ordered by a Bing Team Rider Bill Livingston on 4/23/65. See attached PDF "Birth Certificate".
Bing"I love the fact that BING is this organized!


If you say that word enough it starts to sound more like a sound instead of a word. That happens to any word I'd guess. I am back on my bing and I am loving it. I have had some nice days on it. I originally got this board and rode it for a week or two. Then I picked up my Jim Phillips wing nosed pig. That board blew my mind and I left this BING under the house for a month or so. Now back on my BING I am feeling like one of the luckier guys on the planet. Its funny how a board's name can influence your belief about how it works. I have always wanted a BING pig. I have the book signed by Bing and by Matt. I'm a stoked Grom (in my mind) like that. I am not all goo goo about most Bing's. The Bing's before David N. came into the picture are the ones that do it for me. My buddy Ross out of Ventura has a Bing pig I have been hounding him to take pictures of. Hopefully one day. I had a rad session out at slider's this morning on my Bing. I hope you score some waves too.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pacific by Phil Surfboard

John Hintlian of Hye Tyde sent me this craigslist post:
"This is a Pacific by Phil surfboard made in Downey California. Phil made all the boards for the movie ride the wild surf. This board is 9'6 long 23 1/2 wide its orange with a white fin It has a few repaired dings and some scratches. Email me with questions.


pig slide?

This looks like a pretty perfect spot for a pig roast!! 

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Surfers RULE!!!

A buddy of mine with initials BB encouraged me to check this blog out via I can't say his name else he'll quit sending me juicy morels of goodness. I wish he'd let me post some of his personal pictures from a very nice surfing area.  But hey!! he turned us onto this. NICE!!! SURFERS RULE is a blog. I am flabbergasted by the EPIC moments in california surf culture that have been captured by Jim Driver and displayed on this blog. I almost get mad that I wasn't alive and of the right age back then. Sure they had their issues... but F U C K! how can any thing take away from what is captured in these shots? I don't know what else to say. Check that blog out for more info on what time it is.