Wednesday, May 30, 2012

austrian piglet!

peter from Austria (that's right Austria , not Australia!) sent me this via
hello,my name is peter from austria, europe and I follow blog your since month. I love the traditional longboarding and the traditional longboards too. A few weeks ago, I ordered a pig style longboard from my shaper and here it is. I am sending you some pictures for your blog, if you like them! My Miss Piggy has the dimensions 9'1, 15 3/42, 22 3/4", 16 1/2", 3 1/2" convex bottom, convex deck, flat rocker and very soft bevelled rails. It is a board from one of the best european shapers. he is a german and has his shape room in peniche / portugal. it is fatum surfboards.

Wish I could be at pig luau, but it is too far away :-)
Picture with selfmade d-fin!
i absolutely love this posts! i'm so inspired by these submissions. thank you peter!! stoked for you!!! write me an email when you see me post my new surfapig shirts! i'll send you one!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

got a few shirts coming...

palm shirts and cream shirts.
maybe i'll do black...

also... look for a surfapig booth Oct 6th at the Del Mar fair grounds.

weber pig!

Bill Hall sent me this via surfapig@live.comHi, I have a 1960 Dewey Weber Pig  --- would you like me to send some pics of it for your site ?  Bill.  for which i replied " yes please!" he then sent me this:  Hi, Here are a few pics of the Pig --- Dewey's son said 10 plus years ago that it was a 1960 board due to fin location, pre red logo and it being a pig -- ??? as you can see it has had a hard life. It has a 5 stick stringer -- Balsa center then looks like yellow high density -- then redwood then more red high density on the outside --- big fat stringer -- phantom logo  and original (restored) checker board fin. I have had it for about 15 years. If I had more energy I would love to strip the volan off her --- bring that stringer back to life and get it back to its former glory --nice dream anyway. Let me know if you need some more info (measurements etc...) and thanks for the interest in my board.  Bill Hall

i love the shot above, you can really get a sense of what "shaping" was back then. they didn't think in terms of rocker. i'd be curious to know when "rocker" became part of a shaper's vocabulary.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Gannet's Friedman Flyer!!

Gannet sent me this via
Hey Mike, been hatching ideas with local board builder Steve Friedman (Friedman Flyers). Steve started with Con Surfboards  runs his business doing everything from taking the order to taking payment  everything in between. His wife Jill keeps him organised. This baby is 9' 6", has a nose @ 16 1/2 wide point @  23+ way behind centre tail 16 3/4''. Really happy with smooth lines  rails. Shaped out of PU foam glassed in epoxy 2 x 6oz bottom 3 x 6oz top plus deck patch provides good weight heap of strenght, with typical Friedman resin tint on bottom. (Not trying to reignite the poly v epoxy debate)  Special thanks to Byron Bays Wayne the Fin Wizard for the classic D fin. Will report back when she hits the water. Gannet

Sunday, May 20, 2012


john cherry's garage may 17 2012. super stoked to see him banging around the shop again!!!!

thanks Chris for the shots of JC!!!

below is a what the water has been like round my neck o tha woods. stoke was mined.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

what it's all about!!!!!

J.W. sent me this via Hey Mike, I just wanted to tell you about poppin' my Pig cherry.Remember my friend Derek, the one with the custom colored Bing Feral Pig? Well last weekend we hosted an impromptu celebration of big boards, something we called 'Loggin' The Buck,' and Derek dragged his Bing to the beach.After a few hours Derek asked if I wanted to have a go. Hell yes I did! Paddled the pig out around sunset. There were 20+ people in the lineup. All of whom I know. First wave I went for was waist high. To the left. Smooth sailing. That big bastard drove down the line. Like a Cadillac. And I love Cadillacs. Took a few trips to the nose. Had everyone looking green with envy. Really complimented my surfing style. Arms up, throw the thing around, fast forward. Fuck. It was so much fun! I had Pig dreams that night. Paddling effortlessly into every wave. It's hard to explain, really. Like nothing else. I loved it. Bringing my Bing Elevator to the shop this afternoon in exchange for some credit toward a Feral Pig that should show up in a few weeks. Sold! That's it. Thought I'd share some stoke. A photo from my maiden voyage is attached. Me doin' the Duke Dangerpants. Waikiki style. Also, photos from our event can be seen on my blog. peanutbuttercoast Hope all is well on your end!
its post like that that put a huge smile on my face. thank you for sharing JW!!!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

the BING pork chop

matt calvani and i have this coming up:
more details to follow...

Friday, May 4, 2012

one of "those" days!

one of "those" days today. took a gamble and went al norte. small, clean and every once and a while one came through with a wee bit of umpf. i was the 4th one out, and scored a few nice ones before the janitors came out. saw some old friends.

this is currently on my garage wall.
mock ups for some potential shirts for this year's luau.