Friday, October 30, 2009

9' Ole

Phil of sliders brought this to my attention: "Ole Longboard; She’s a little older that most and has seen some good waves, She has a nice D fin and a burnished color that only comes from wisdom. She’s 9.0 "


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

stoke films SLIDE just did an article about Jazz the Glass and how David Potter and I got STOKE FILMS, LLc off the ground.  like you can smell the rain coming in the desert i can smell Jazz coming to fruition. JTG is a prequel to INVASION! from planet C. JTG has a darker message than INVASION!. INVASION! was all about "hey look! the earth has so much to offer. get out there and mine the stoke! before its too late!!". JTG is kind of like "Hey you FOCKING KOOK! get out of here!"  JTG has cursing and sexual innuendoes. If it were to be rated, I am sure it would be rated R or at least PG 13. Where as INVASION! was rated G or PG. anyway. I am ultra pumped on these flicks. JTG will be tighter and way further out there than INVASION! JTG is our sophomore project   at STOKE FILMS, LLc

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jazz the Glass

I will be announcing our premier date and launching a new trailer for Jazz the Glass very soon. ...need I say TITS!!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

erin ashley of bang! bang! brought this to my attention.

this shot is from the bright box blog. those dudes across the pond have it going on. thank you erin for binging it to my attention. i have another shot on surfapig where russ had the where with all to line up some old skegs and take the shot. i wander if it was from this same session.

gene's Agave board interview.

here is a shot of that crazy pig I will be shredding soon. below is an interview with gene taken from sacred craft. i also added a gadget at the bottom of surfapig to support Gene's Calendar. check it out!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

nice old bing pig.

when this board was made it was called a "surfboard" or a "stock" or something like that. these nicely preserved boards make me want to ride them. very badly.

bing sent me the pix and said this about the board:
"...turns out it was one that I shaped for a friend of Velzy and mine back in 1963."

Thursday, October 22, 2009

friends are good.

after a productive day at work and after taking care of my darling...i stopped by a friend's house on my way to the evening glass and borrowed a board. not that i am short of boards...but rather my buddy has a particular board that i have been dreaming about. let the record show Marc Adnreini knows a thing or two or three or four or five or six or 7 or 8 or more about the pig shape....what a lucky time and space i occupy...NICE!!!
thank you Tim!!

...surfing with a friend is good

My good buddy dan klemann lives in Ventura. we used to shred together all the time when i lived in SB and ventura. we had this session a while ago. i thought i'd post it up today because i miss surfing with my good buddy on good days. he is texting me about sessions he is having at rincon or wherever. work is good is surfing.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

High Pockets!!!

John Beasley sent me this via "Pigish but is it truly a pig? Well, Im stoked as a big bag of stoked things regardless! It'll be a few months till she finds her way to Ireland but absolutely fucking delighted and gagging to surf it! Really looking forward to Jazz the glass, and I will pick up Invasion while Im at it off you! Any way, Good luck with the end of the editing Speak soon John"

i'd call that beauty a pig. i bet when it was made it was just called a surfboard though. after some questioning ..."She's 9'6 and other then that i know nothing. Tom at classic bing figures it was shaped in 63 as stock for their dealer in Hawaii and because of that it has slightly more rocker and the tail is a little more pulled in. The fin has been replaced, but it was a replacement bing fin that was put on it."...GOT DAM!!! NICE!!!!

the kook!

below is a still the weezel shot of me tucked in ...from crocodile river mouth of death! this was taken back when we were filming one of our sesh's for Jazz The Glass (thanks be to jon steele!)
Daniel Crocket allowed me to contribute a small little Haiku type of stream of consciousness in the new surf periodical The KOOK my piece is on p. 6 - 7 you'll see the Jazz logo on the top of the page my writings aren't. my writings are on the bottom of the page before the logo. NICE.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

board swap!!!

I went to this board swap thing today in the parking lot of the surfing heritage building here in san clemente. I didn't have my where with all about me, else i would have brought a camera. I did have my phone, hence the grainy shots. I spoke with Bill Zahne about that insane bing of his that Jim Phillips helped restore. That board is shocking up close. Here are a few random shots of pigs that were there.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Jim Phillips restored a '61 BING!!!

Bing Copeland + Jim Phillips + 48 years = EPIC!! SURFORE brought this to my attention. THANK YOU ANDREW!!

Jim Phillips and the copycat!

Those in the know ...know Jim knows how to shape. Here is a little video of Jim and a copycat.

Jim Phillips is the man. Check this out!

Monday, October 12, 2009


Kyle Albers sent me this via
" Greeting, Cheers to your pig blog. I too am a big fan of pigs ever since i tried my friend ross's '65 Bing. It inspired me to shape one, i had never shaped a board before, and it turned out to be the board i ride most often. i named it D-bowls (the dims are 9'9" by 23" by 3 1/4, not sure about the nose and tail.) and here is a picture of it and a couple of my friends riding it....kyle "

THANKS KYLE!!! that is SICK!! thanks for your contribution!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

the missing link

the malibu chip was a point/reef board. it exceeded at going straight.
the pig (first surfed by mickey munoz) introduced "the turn" to surfing.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Pliny the Elder gave hops its scientific name. Pliny the Elder beer tastes so good it is DANGEROUS. Like ROCKERS DANGEROUS.
Thanks surfore for the reminder of DANGEROUS TIMES!!! BLAST IT!!!! Thanks be to the death weezel for getting the following shots of the pre- cooperfish calendar party. In addition to the Pliny's we had Lone Star, Pabsts, and Jim Beam!!! Steve Brom in the house!!!

like THAT!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

fin studies.. and a VELZY!!

Sean sent me these via "- here are some local fin studies from the N.W. Love your site, I also included a shot of my Velzy 10'6" Cheers,Sean"

NICE!!! That first shot looks perfect for a pig. Thank you for your contribution.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

gene's get up

here are some shots of gene's magnificent calendar party. Gene has put a heap of work into this project. it is great to see it flower.
gene, brian, jed, and jim NICE!!!!
a food sample.
The Lance Carson All Stars!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

miles and the miles in front of him!!

my buddy miles hall cooper of Corpus Christi, TX is rolling out this way for Gene's get up. a nice time will be had for sure. I have made that drive to and fro texas more than I care to admit. there is a hill that looks like a perfect adolescent tit as you are going west on I10. nice of you to take the pic miles!! the thing reminds me of Missy (Melissa) Dawn Kinsler's back in '88 ( if she were laying on her back and I were standing kinda beside her). how is the color on this  board? INSANE!! This is what miles has to say: "Hola Cap’n BlackStoke,I’m driving thru West Texas and just passed Nipple Knob heading your dy-rek-she-own. I’m bringing this swinish specimen for your porcine pleasures. It’s a 10.4 Hunt El Gato.  Mine the Stoke! Regards, Miles" NICE!!!

some days..

some days it seems people like this chap have the universe figured out. too bad there isn't a beat up pig tied to the top.

i found this pic on viva las olas blog

Logistic Lords has some crazy chit like this. (thanks cube donkey!!)