Tuesday, November 29, 2011

bing 1 year on the hill!!!

click on the pic it'll blow up so you can read it!
saturday at surf indian in san diego! 6 - 10!

Sunday, November 27, 2011


check the new lams for the upcoming feral pigs. YEAH!
we blasted an 18.5 lb pig this past week. so good!
thank you sliders! its been fun round these here parts.
left overs into jambalaya!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

pigs in the UK!!!

mister griffster sent this to me via surfapig@live.com:"Hey Mike, I've been following your blog for several years now, and been meaning to post these pigs to you for a while, I have no excuse apart from being a lazy ass... Here's 2 from the quiver, one that Rob Lion (Royal) shaped for me back last year - It's a Post Modern Pig 9'6" x 23 x 16 7/8 x 16 / 1/2. Nicely pinched rails, concave to belly roll with tail lift, with scooped tail and very slight S-deck about 22-25lb. Rocker is probably a little flatter up front than normal and absolutely flies when pressing the accelerator. Rob's now working over at Santa Cruz Board Builders so check him out if you're in the area. The other is your standard Michel Junod Pignar - 9 8 1/2 x 22 3/4 x 16 1/2 fore and aft with the standard step concave through to roll and traditional piggy rocker at about 25lb. Weighted beautifully to generate it's own trim speed and noserides better than some out and out noseriders I've ridden. Both boards leave you grinning from ear to ear! Keep up the good work Sir and long live the pig!"

it's post like this that validate this effort. i get so stoked to see what else is out there.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

mega hodge podge!!!!!

my good buddy miles sent me these super epic texas day photos. he says "DIG THE PIG" : Rode the original flexipig that I got used from Gene in June for the first time for a full session (5 hours) this morning and it’s a blast and nose rides very well. 9.7 and like 28 lbs and flat as an ironing board but that and the 7-8 second swell made it pretty easy to catch waves. I think the fact that it’s only 9.7 made it easy for me to put it where I wanted in a hurry compared to the monsters I usually ride.

my good buddy andrew is having an art show in Oceanside Friday (514 coast highway) . Be there!!!!!!!

john cherry sent this to me via surfapig@live.com: "Hi Mike, I just posted a couple pigs I built for Japan. 3” chambered balsa stringers. The template is the same one I put together for Bobby Donnelly’s pig that we shaped just before I got your VJ to restore. If you recall, when I laid my template over your VJ, it lined up identically with the exception that my template was about 1/16” wider through the middle third, giving an ever so slight curve in the mid rail more so than the VJ. I love the template. BTW……I love your new Bing!!!!! Aloha Bro, JC"

andy byrne
sent this to me via surfapig@live.com: Hey Mike!Been lurking your blog ever since it popped up. Love the stoke sharing going on!So I did a craigslist swap this weekend. I ended up trading a 9ft Ryan Lovelace Pointer (which to begin with is a very piggish/chip outline) for a real deal Terry Martin 9'6'', 3.5'' double volan pig. This thing is MEAN. Probably weighs about 15lbs. Anyway I took it out at Porto yesterday for some chest high soft waves. I couldn't believe how well it rode. Plus I even got some cheater 5's in. I was a little worried that it would be a straight shooter boat. It couldn't be more of the opposite. Anyway, super stoked on it. It's the first pig I've ever owned and I think it will not be the last. Oink Oink. Here's a couple pics. Maybe you've seen it around. Andy www.theanchored.blogspot.com

a little departing shot from south of sliders:

Monday, November 14, 2011

"from my lens to you"

randy LaBrie sent this to me via surfapig@live.com: Mr. Black , Dan K. introduced me to your blog. I am now a frequent visitor! Enjoy, Randy LaBrie "808"

thank you Randy!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011


i was north of sliders this past weekend. scored some great waves with my buddy.

funky faces...

it wasn't that perfectly groomed texture. however, at times...there were moments when the wind would die, and you'd be flying across a beautiful glassy, powerful wall of energy. the color of the water was great.

Friday, November 11, 2011

not at sliders....

i love surfing at different waves. i felt like i was on some mini vacation today. it was strange to be back at ye old stompin grounds. sliders is such a down the line race-y wave. the queen folds over on her self. it was fantastic to get the ferral pig on this point. i could feel her in a different way. it was such a joy to commit the rail to full on cut backs, such buttery bottom turns, at times i was trimmed out confidently in some beefy spinners. just what the doctor ordered!
surfing with a buddy, good waves...NICE!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

the best motivation out there!

swine for lunch!!!

jason a texted me this picture yesterday. it said "swine for lunch. I love my 2 hour lunch break". I was lecturing about the consequences resulting from the existence and uniqueness of a line parallel to a given line running through a point not on the given line. needless to say, when i saw the pic i got super stoked!!!! yeah JASON!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

some content from down under!!!

david platt sent me the following via surfapig@live.com: " Hi Mike. I’ve had a couple of McDonagh pigs come in for some minor work over the last couple of weeks. Both of these boards are in great condition for their age. Greg McDonagh was one of the main players in Brookvale in the 60’s. He struck a deal with Joey Cabell while he was out here for the 64 world champs to add a Joey Cabell ‘Custom Special’ to the McDonagh range of models.

The Cabell measures in at 9'8 ¾” x 21 ½” x 3 ¼”. The wide point is 9 ½” behind centre. The nose is 15 ½”. The tail is 15 ½”. The pod is 5". The second board would have been built in 66/67. It measures in at 9'2 ½” x 22 ½” x 2 11/16”. The wide point is 14 ¾” behind centre, as is the thickness. The nose is 16 3/8”. The tail is 17 ¾”. The is pod 6". The rails are pinched. Enjoy. Regards, Platty."

nathan oldfield sent me the following via surfapig@live.com: "Hello mates. I just produced a new short for The Critical Slide Society:"

Hey Ho Let's Go Surfing from Nathan Oldfield on Vimeo.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

big steve's kellogg sam!!!

steve brought this by today: "Arguably the closest livin relative to sam via paul gross and passed on to spencer kellogg. this IS the board that pigs went to after '66. 9'4" 22 1/2" 3 1/4" and very hull/ bladed! everybody needs one in their quiver and spence has the lineage. Super stoked on this design!!"

found this fucker chillen where he shouldn't be!
rainy day video.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

gnar gnar's pignar.

traded an old board for this pignar today.

this board is SO WEIRD. look at this shot of the nose below. i don't even know what to say! its like there is a brick glued to the nose! it's this big square chunk of foam. the tail is similarly chunky. this board is unlike anything else i have in my quiver. i've been on the look out for one of these guys. stoked to finally have one...and to trade for it.