Monday, September 28, 2009


Me to the craigslist person selling this board => "You are trying to sell this board right? What about some rocker shots, perhaps a fin shot. I mean you went through the trouble to shoot the thing anyway. You are asking $1000." My buddy Phil of SLIDERS brought this to my attention:
"Very nice classic, bought 5 years ago from the original owner. He is local to La Jolla and ordered this board in '67 even though I have been told it has a '64 fin. I guess that's what he wanted. The board was stored in his garage for ever, right at WINDANSEA. Has some sand wear on the fin from dragging. Deck shows dirty due to wax. Measures 9'10", 21 1/2" and 16" a foot from the nose and tail. Has original repairs to the nose, tail and 3 small rail dings. But still is very, very clean. Nearly no sun damage. Very classic off center triple orange pin line. And dbl redwood stringer with blue glue lam. Also triple cardiff logos. email"

Friday, September 25, 2009

pig pier shred!

Ryan Smith sent me this:
"My buddy Herb Bradley (a longtime Pacific Beach local) at this weekend's OMBAC contest at Crystal Pier, riding his 1963 reverse fin Hansen competition model. Great beer boiler, too! Photo by Ron Greene/. cheers, rs"
THANK YOU FOR SHARING!! that is the goal with this blog. lets see what is being ridden! I get all the way psyched to see old beaters being rode. NICE ONE!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

This board is phucking with me.

Who ever bought this board... congratulations. I am jealous.
this board is worth posting twice. 1962 Hansen, never ridden, perfect condition.

Brian Grady's BING PIG!!

Brian Grady sent this to me via
"Mike, I've been following your blog for a bit now and recently came into a Pig that you may know or heard about. I was looking for a square tail to add to a small stable that has a Pin and a Diamond. I saw a Bing Elevator on that was being sold by a friend of yours, Rob Kulisek. Needless to say I was too late in getting the Elevator, but he said he had a Pig if I wanted to look in that direction. I was intrigued. Circumstances worked out and a deal was struck on the street in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge and now I'm the stoked owner of a Bing Pig. Rob mentioned your name during our conversation and I told him I had been checking Surf A Pig regularly. Thought you might like to hear this story of yet another "Pig's life". Stay stoked! Brian Grady"

I needed this.

It was a tuff week for Mr and Mrs Black. Tonight's sliders session was bitter sweet. My BING was perfect for the conditions. I was surfing well. I couldn't help but think about our loss. Every good wave I had made me wish I hadn't suffered our loss. It was a strange feeling.

I love this life.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Every July 4th from now to for ever.

erin ashley sent this to me via
"From Nolan Hall of . cheers, erin ashley"

Greetings from NJ!!

jd sent me this via
"hey gnar - love the blog & I just wanted to share with you my first vintage board which happens to be a pig. enjoy the pics! i'm enjoying the ride - this shape turns great. jd" upon further inquiry... "Hey Mike - I just got the board on Sunday from a shop in Lavallette, NJ - hence the local sticker (which is super cool). The story behind the board is the original owner from Lavallette bought the board in California when he was going to college out there. I saw it posted on the shop's used boards section without a picture - 9'10" G&S in good riding condition, fair wall hanging condition - $125. I've always wanted a 9'10" since that's my birthday and I thought - if it's a pig and in said condition then it's a definite. Sure enough I got to the shop and there she was in her wide hip and narrow nosed glory bearing a serial # 3750. For someone with a really foiled 9'5" the board looked heavy and massive in the racks. When I pulled it out though it wasn't as heavy as I thought (clear and sanded) and the slim nose made it look even manageable for me at around 160lbs. I picked it up right then and took her out up the block from the shop right away. It was 2 foot sectiony mush but the water was warm and I was stoked to be on my first vintage board, a pig nonetheless. It was 2 foot mush but I got to get a feel for it and was surprised to find it was alot easier to ride than I had imagined. Today was waist high peelers and it went off in the turning department. Just buttery smooth and low swing weight goodness - it's even keeping me from wanting to get up to the nose! If I get some action shots I'll send 'em over." ULTRA SICK!!

ULTRA NICE!! how is that FIN?!! you scored for $125.

More JAZZ THE GLASS!!! is the deal. Below you will find my mug on an original promotional poster for our pirated pirate movie. David Potter is The WIZARD!!! That is my best Captian BLACKSOTKE face EVER!! I can't help but almost chit my pants laughing when I see how ridiculously asinine I look. SUPER CLASSIC!!!! I posted up a few videos so you can get a sneak peak at our up coming script to support the INSANE surf footage. We are getting close!!!

Check for updates on our website Jazz the Glass

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jazz the Glass!!!

Mollusk surf shop is making us a shirt! THANK YOU MOLLUSK!!! Jazz the Glass is nearing completion. We have all the voices laid down . We should be done by mid November. We shall see. We are very grateful for all the support and all the anticipation.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Pig Slide!!! behind a TANKER.

There is a clan of people in Texas that surf these "tanker" waves. Too bad they aren't sliding on PIGS!!! This thing is chest high. SUPER PIG SLIDE!!!from

D- fin CITY!!

Mango Bill from brought this to my attention from bright box blog

Thanks Mango Bill!! Super NICE!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Silent Auction

I snaked this from Gene Cooper's calendar blog:
"Lot 6
- Early ’60s Tom Morey “Autralian Surf Shop”. Pintail Pig design with orig (pin)fin boxes at both ends!! Unrestored condition. No fin. Very rare."

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bing to Pig!

Bing Copeland sent me this via
Hi Mike,Guess I don't have enough to do. Messing around with photo shop I changed BING into a PIG. Thought you might enjoy it. Bing" If I had the creativity or the balls I might have thought to do that. THANK YOU BING!! NICE ONE!!
I am so honored to know the people I know. At times I feel like a kid in a candy store. The planet being the candy store.

Slide Magazine's feature of STOKE FILMS, LLC

SLIDE magazine has done an article about STOKE FILMS, LLc. Ryan Smith looked us up upon Chad Marshall's suggestion (thanks Chad!!). I am proud to have been interviewed by this publication. Sure it is an ego boost, how couldn't it be... this magazine is SICK!! contact if you want a copy. Look for them in shops too. Some book stores should have them on the rack through out Christmas. The article basically breaks down the motivations that lead to INVASION! from planet C and ultimately gave birth to Jazz the Glass. My good buddy Jon Steele took the photos in the article.
i am revisiting this post today nov. 18 to tell a story. inside this magazine i mention a costa rica trip with chad, matt wesson, jon steele and I.  STOKE FILMS,LLC bought planet tickets for Matt, Chad , Jon Steele and myself. the purchasing of these tickets is what gave me the idea that we (matt,chad, jon and I) were filming for our upcoming STOKE FILMS,LLC  project..... well that and the fact that we traveled, partied, and roomed together. it seems that chris klopf thought differently. he read the magazine article and thinks its a lie. I am trying to figure out if he thinks he bought the tickets. this email exemplifies the type of person he was when we kept bumping into him in costa rica. it is SUPER FUNNY to be in some "surf industry" drama. the funny thing is, when Ryan came to chris to see about some photos for the magazine, chris wouldn't have anything to do with SLIDE , now after seeing the finished, distributed project, he is all up in their @ss. this entire situation is silly. I wish Chris health and happiness. he has taken some AMAZING surf photos. Chris Klopf's version of the story is below:

".... Basically i went to costa rica to meet up with Chad Marshall, Jared Mell, and Mikey Detemple (a trip we'd been planning for months) Chad told me at the last minute he was meeting some guys for some kind of spoof movie, and i told him 'whatever', that i didn't really care. Then i read the interview how i was poaching photos of Chad, and following them around. that is a blatant lie..... Chad and Jared have been coming to Costa with me for photos the past 3 years in a row, and it was basicallly these guys that poached my guys, used the stuff in their idiotic film, along with that babbling interview and some other uses. i told them at the time that i didn't care if they shot my guys, and to thank me they turn it around and slander me in an internationally distributed magazine. I'm really not stoked about this, & to say that i'm pissed off is kind of an understatement.. 
take it easy, regards, Chris Klopf"

i suppose its slanderous to state that Chris has taken some amazing photos.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

squire surfboards and the pig!!

bat tail Pig across the pond!!!

John Isaac of squire surfboards sent this via

"Mr Black ... more piggy goodness for the piggy blog .. with love from across the pond .with love x john"

You have to respect these dudes. VERY NICE!!! check their blog regularly. They have been putting out some beauties!!!


Tim Elsner brought this to my attention via
"1962 Hansen, never ridden, perfect condition, no solar or water damage what so ever. 100% original, not re-glassed. 10 out of 10 rating given by Ed Searfoss. can crate and ship any where. #3765 9'8". will email more photos anytime. serious inquiries only. Robert - 850 303 4595 or"I am speechless. SWAYLOCKS SURF SHOP

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

i sleep with surfboards

I saw this blog and this board. Looks pretty nice.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Jim Phillips "rising sun" board VIDEO! (thank you Andrew Diengott!)

Jim's board and the video of the auction. NICE!! 

Here is a link to a surfline article. (thanks miles!)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

old BING

My buddy steve hadley of cabinessence has this board for sale. 9'6" no visible #'s.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

David Platt restores a Bennett PIG!!

David Platt sent me this via NICE WORK DAVID!! Thank you for your contributions. check his blog for details and pictures!!
 "Hi Mike. Just finished a restoration on a Barry Bennett Pig. This board is an absolute gem. The current owner is the second owner. This board was built in1959/60. It has two balsa stringers tapering from the nose to tail and a beautiful layed back D-fin that protudes past the pod by babout 4 inches. A bit of hisory. Barry Bennett was one of the pioneers of the Australian surfboard building industry. One of the Brookvale five. He started out building hollow plywood boards and surfskis in the early 50's. In 1956, after the American lifeguards came out to Australia and opened the eyes of Australian surfers to the benifits or riding the shorter modern Malibu surfboard, Bennett surfboards started production on a fulltime basis. Bennett surfboards is still producing surfboards today. The board measures in at 9'1" x 21 3/8" x 3 1/4" nose 16 3/16" tail 18 3/16" The wide point is 13" behind the mid point. Regards David Platt."

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Jim Phillips and the way of the glue up!

Andrew Diengott of Jim Phillips surfboards sent me this and posted it on
"The inception of the design is pure Billy Hamilton, a Surfboards Hawaii Stylist I, the original surfer that Skip Fry wanted to be. I've had this concept in mind for a long time, but had never brought it to fruition. A 9'9" US Blanks foam core was my starting place. When I received notice that I was being considered for the Billabong event, the idea came to the surface once again - I sketched it out roughly and then started seriously plotting it out. The decision to actually put saw to foam was the first obstacle, but as my Dearly departed father said to me many times, "The devil hates a coward.” The first few cuts were easy, but as I started to go "around the corner" this was where difficulty started to step into the picture. There was no easy way to use clamps on this layout. I have 6,8 and 10 foot pipe clamps and by butting them against the tips of the already glued sticks, I could get a bite on the nearly straight outline. When all 17 stringers were in place, I next needed to install the "sun" which needed to be mechanically accurate so free handing it was out of the question. I have several professional big routers so I made a template to route the curve accurately into the blank. The replacement piece of foam needed to be a true arc, but 3/32 nds smaller in diameter to accommodate the redwood stick that would separate it, kind of like an annulus, from the rest of the design. This was accomplished but taking a piece of old Walker Foam and shaping it to the same curve and gluing it, along with the wood into the blank. It was now time to lay the Stylist I template on the blank and put saw to foam and cutout the plan shape. With pencil on foam the circular saw was put into play and the planshape came to life. With the outline cut I would normally clean the outline with the planer, but wood grain 90 degrees to the planer was a guaranteed blow out of the stringer ends. Fortunately I have a carbide grit planer and used this to keep the outline clean and free of splintering. Once it was time to get to work with the planer, the very nature of the design had its own problems; the stringer layout made the blank very flexy in the center and the amount of stringers as well as the varied angles was another concern for the blades. The blank had to be balanced over my shaping stands in a particular way to help control the flex. To control the stringer blow outs or splintering I used the regular planer with newly sharpened blades to rough out the board and then I pulled out the carbide grit planer again to do all the finish work. After all the planer work was done, the block sanding went fairly fast for what it was - I had prepped it well and knew what was in store for myself heading into the final stretch. The fin followed the same design as the blank which I laid up with volan cloth, the same as the boards glassing, redwood, foam and pigment. It was completed in 2 days...just in time. This is not the Michael Angelo's Sistine Chapel, but nevertheless, a masterpiece by anyone’s expectations."
Concept. Glue up. Shape. Red Gloss Color. Fin. By Jim Phillips

Foam 9’9” by US Blanks.
Airbrush sun color on foam by Sam Cody.
Fin lamination and gloss by Keith Swanson.
Volan lamination by Alex Villalobos
Gloss by Brian Johnson
Polished by Tracy Evans.

The wood is old growth redwood salvaged from a 20' tall wine cask that used to be in Napa. The wood was so soaked with red wine from over the years that milling the wood gave off a strong red wine aroma. This board would go great with a 2 lbs Kobe rib eye and head high waves.

All photos by Jim Phillips

"This board would go great with a 2 lbs Kobe ribeye and head high waves. "
WHAT THE PH U C K??? Its no my intent to claim this board is a pig. Here is the deal. I respect Jim and his work. PERIOD. This board needs to be seen. Hence my post. Enjoy.

The show is over...Jims board went for ~$8400. It cleared about $5K more over the next closest. Whoa. The buyer....Rusty.