Saturday, April 30, 2011


the tide was just right to find all kind of gems.
morning commute.
perfect little mini grinder!
obligatory A frame!!!
always there.
and more green
how is maddog's midget?!!!!!

sliding my days away!!!

sliding my days away/ surf a pig from ray orate on Vimeo.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

gulf coast

colin posted this up, i grabbed it. texas 10 toes!
these fellas from the Louisiana swamps below aren't so picky about their food. the irony (is it?) here is the best cook i know is from the swamps in LA. when he was growing up, he'd grab his gun and go out to get what ever it was he was going to eat that night.
i poached this minute clip from the history channel's show swamp people

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jazz the Glass! DOUBLE BLAST!!!!

here it is: we are re-releasing Jazz!
we sold out of the old one, hence we headed back to the replicators....this time we beefed her up a bit. this release is a double pack. ..the movie (with some extras) ; along with THE SOUNDTRACK CD:
Soundtrack CD:
1- Beach Thingy
2- Longboard Shrooms
3- The Eggy Bonzer
4- Aussie Thrashdown
5- Mellow Bikini
6- Funky Boardshorts
7- Salty Samba
8- Pig Blaster
9- More Beach Thingy
10- Blackstoke Lullaby

DVD Extra Features:
JTG Trailer 01
JTG Trailer 02
JTG Trailer 03
Kobok Trailer
Invasion! Trailer
Invasion! Boner Scene
Invasion! Machine Guns
JTG Movie-Surf Only
JTG Movie-Pirates Only
look for it in a month or so!!

Jazz the Glass!!!

Ray Orate sent this to the Death Weezel, and weez sent it to me. SICK!
stay tuned...I'm about to break some news about a re-release of Jazz.

a pig is pink!

i'm so stoked to see gene getting these boards out. i'm super stoked to see a few end up with some girls! first surfsister, now stef...NICE!!! this board is so CLEAN.

Monday, April 25, 2011

gene has been getting after it!

jason picked up his 9'2" black cooperfish blackboard flex the other day.
here are some more revealing photos i lifted from gene's blog.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


i held my pint of pizza port san clemente's "pseudo" up against my blinds and shot this photo.
it reminded of richard holcomb's photo below. funny.

Friday, April 22, 2011

out east! and way out west!!!

greg pearson sent me this via

i believe this is greg surfing a 45lb pig that he restored!!!!

out japan way....
my LeRoy Grannis photo closed at the auction. 82,000 yen. NICE

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

pigs in australia!

bob mctavish is busy making pigs!

check this link for some info on a series of balsa pigs he is making!! thank you anthony best for the heads up!!!

cheyne skasic's '29 ford roadster and his blackboard flex pig!!!

cheyen skasic cc'd me this via Hey gene, I wanted to testify again on this flexpig. I've been riding it non stop from bolsa chica and huntington cliffs to San O and really put a good beating to it. This board is Indistructable I cleaned the wax off today and there isnt one pressure ding on it. The board is probably the best board purchase of Id say 20-30 boards ive made to date. Still finding things I love about it daily. Keep on doing what you are doing.Here are a few shots of the board and my 29 ford roadster pick up...maybe i'll make the long haul down to San O one of these days with it!

i'm hoping Cheyne brings his flex and this beautiful ride to the pig luau on june 18!

orate brothers!!!! sliding their days away!

ray orate sent me this via
heres a photo of my car window on my 92' civic! 30 miles a gallon! yeww..also a lifestyle photo of our porch.also i have some great footage of the JAZZ THE GLASS skull that we stenciled on a tail of a old longboard that we stripped the glass off of and turned into a mini sims thingamajigg.we take the tail everywhere..kinda like wilson in that movie cast away!haha
we sent you some info a few months back about 'Sliding my days away" a film i'm puttin together of me and my brother as wells as some key bredren that shred.. i have some updated footage i would like to send ya.i'll send some clips asap for you check out.

these dudes shred! ray, please send me more footage. stoked to see this project come together! thanks for the update!!!!

endless wave surf shop!!!!

greg pearson sent me this via Mike, We’re going to throw open the doors in a couple weeks…Thought you should know that every plank I’ll be offering has some form of swine flu.

Visit ANYTIME !! seriously.


greg pearson

11 howland avenue
jamestown ri 02835

t. 401 423 9893
f. 401 423 3406

greg has been so supportive. i have been following the development of this shop on greg's blog.
i wish i were in your area greg! i'd be STOKED to check it out!!!!
best wishes GREG!!!!

hodge podge! flex! LACMA!

gene sent me this text: the bottom photo is my 9'0 before sanding. Top photo is maddog's 9'4" on the top and your 9'6 on the bottom. Shaped blanks to that i responed NICE!!! this shaped blanks photo draws me IN!

i went to LACMA yesterday on a field trip with my school. i love that shit. this is a photo i am choosing to post...however it seems amateur (which it clearly isn't) compared to some of the works there. humans are capable of some amazing sculpture and painting.
this guy was picking a mean string out by the tar pits.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


gene sent me this pic of surfsister finding that clean slide on her cooperfish blackboard flex pig.
she then (upon request from me [ after i saw the above pic from Gene]) sent me the following via Oh my god, Mike! This board is fantastic!! I thought, once I got it, it would be a beast of a board to surf. Well, it isn't. Maybe it's because I already have a pig. Maybe it's because the board is just perfect. Who knows? Gene is a master!


Sunday, April 17, 2011

greg landers!

i was trolling the information super high way and saw this by greg landers...NICE!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

un trucke amarillo!

yeah andrew!!!! stoked to see you this weekend. stoked to slide a few with you!
keppin it real.
1982 meets 1978 meets 1962
if you are in the dana point area today, you should check out : the woodies and this gallagher wood surfboard that is being raffled to support HB junior lifeguards. huge thank you to dave! i have checked this show out before...some of these rigs are EPIC!


i surfed with friends today. i am grateful to have friends. especially donnie and andrew.
obligatory A-frame!
it was crossed up and peaky. a perfect day for cover ups!
check the video!