Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Here are a few pictures I shot using the camera on my phone.Today as I walked down the trail I must have looked like Billy Bob Thornton in slingblade. I was smiling and lost in thought as I anticipated my first new shred session.

I have been out of town for the past 2 weeks. I have been mentally surfing this board that entire time. My first session today was like a theoretical math problem. I was so psyched to surf the board I forgot my wet suit. I would have been arrested for sure had I not had a pair of trunks with me. My guess is the boys at trestles wouldn’t take kindly to a naked pig rider sharing their waves. My first wave felt super awkward. I am used to surfing a pig. I thought I kind of knew how this board was going to go. Perhaps it was my time out of the water, or perhaps it was the design of the board. Whatever the case, it felt like the board was pushing water. My second wave wasn’t much better. I still couldn’t find the sweet spot and I corked the rail so bad I had to swim! By now I was getting up in my head. I just sat around looking at all the bobbers that wish they had the courage to ride the proper board for the day. On my 3rd wave something clicked. Finally in the following waves I felt all the nuances that contribute to that glide that makes the pig the functional surf craft it is. I think the key to my breakthrough was kicking back and listening to the board instead of trying to push my expectations on it. This board RULES!! I am so psyched!

Hopefully I'll get some shots of this board in action before too long!!

Used Hobie pigs!

craigslist has some nice pigs every now and again. I just wish people would take proper pictures!


"Here is a classic original owner 9' 4" HOBIE longboard. Last used around 1980. Has 1" single redwood stringer and tail block. Sloid wood original skeg. Early Dana Point decal. Purchased around 1963-1965 if my memory serves me right. Seems like cost was around $100 - $125! Serial number is 19617, which I think is a fairly early number. Has the usual dings some of which need to be repaired, but it's in better shape than most I have seen from this era. The blank has yellowed, but it's a nice mellow yellow! This was my second surfboard, the first one my dad and I made in our garage in 1961 with a clark foam blank from Abe Schuster Fiberglass in Oakland. I sold my woodie wagon, some years ago, but could not part with this great old board at the time. Now it's time to set it free!" 


60's Vintage Hobie longboard Surfboard

"60's Hobie longboard 9', great shape for age , no major damage, nose has never been repaired the color is under the glass. has serial number. $700"  


Sunday, June 28, 2009

UK PIGS!!! john isaac STYLE!!

John from the UK sent me this via surfapig@live.com:
"Hi , from the UK .. stoked theres a common meeting place for pig afficionados ! .. thought id mail a few of our own pigs which suit our sometimes gutless little sliders so well .. im gonna stick a link to you on our blog .
If thats cool & will post you new pigs as theyre finished to rub 
shoulders with some of the amazing boards you have on there ..
please extend a welcome to any pig sliders who get over here .. be sure to tell them to get in touch & we'll point them in the right 
direction & even supply tea & cake for the ride !
All the best


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Paulo Jacinto slices a swine!!!

Here is what Paulo Jacinto sent me via surfapig@live.com:

"Hello mr black I´m a shaper and a log rider from Costa de Caparica, Portugal. Congratulations for the blog, i´m a pig addicted to.I´m send you some pictures of my pig to you, if you want to post on your blog is ok. I´m gonna link your blog in my, i think that´s ok for you.Take care and surf a pig ;)Paulo Jacinto"


How about a little east coast pig love...

Chris Gotshall sent this to me via surfapig@live.com:
1964 Daytona shaped by George Miller. 9'4" and in regular 
rotation in my quiver. Rides great!

Keith English has a Hansen!!!!

Keith and I grew up together. He scored this at some nautical antique shop pre IKE Galveston. His mom bought it for him for his 36 th birthday. SUPER RAD!! She haggled the shop owner down $150. He practically stole the thing. NICE!! He describes it the following:
"nose 16" wide point 22" tail 15" , 3" thick ,9'8"


Zeph Carrigg... OINK!

The ever cryptic mad craftsman sent me this via surfapig@live.com!!! 


Friday, June 26, 2009

Thank you Robby Adams!!

My good friend Robby Adams sent me this. I am lucky to know the people I do. Somedays I wake up and think "how did it come to this?"  Thank you Robby for all the support and inspiration over the years. 

Pig in Houston!

I'm in Houston visiting family right now. I thought I'd search around to see what Houstonians had in the way of the Pig. Here is what I found:
"What we have here is a vintage Sea King longboard popout. It measures 10' with a 2" redwood stringer and a glassed in redwood fin! I believe she is a '64, but no later than a '66. She has a few minor dings, but overall, she is beautiful and ready for the beach."


Thursday, June 25, 2009

hawaii craigslist > oahu

My buddy Colin from Hawaii emailed me the link to this craiglist post. Here is the email: sale-bp5zf-1232925427@craigslist.org . This post is SUPER CLASSIC! :
Velzy Surfboards - $1 (Mililani)
I have two Velzy surfboards for sale. The first on is 9' 11" with a squash tail and a wood tail block. I have surfed this board at Sunset (only 4' but the bowl was working) as well as Canoes and Bowls. Super great paddling board. It is signed by Dale Velzy on the stringer. Very good condition. The second board is 9' 5" 'Flying V'. It is a squash tail and has a wood tail block and is signed by Dale Velzy on the stringer too. This board is in very good condition too. I am asking $750.00 per board. The photos are of the orange 9' 11' Velzy (the other longboard next to the Velzy is a 1969 Bunger in which I might consider selling for an offer I can't refuse). I also have a couple of Skip Frye boards for sale but I think they will be sold shortly.

Good lookin out COLIN!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Green! with envy.

Pacis from lb.net posted this on a thread i started over there. What must have been the get up at the shop where they glued this blank up? Green works for me. Here is what was said:

"Diagonal angled stripes with color matching fin.This pig oinks with every head dip"


9'6" Hobie re-PIG-mented

Smokey from lb.net sent me this via surfapig@live.com:

"Hey Mike,here are some shots of the 9'6 Hobie my friend Will Tucker and I are redoing right now. She was whooped on but is now brought back to life. After this project is done we will start on another 9'6 I just picked up. Jamie (Smokey on LB.net)"

THANK YOU!! LOOKS GREAT! Keep us updated on your projects!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Keeping it Real. Santa Cruz style!

steiny from swaylocks posted this on a thread I started over there. LOOK at all those D fins off to the left!! what must have been out there that day? his description is below:
"otto's board rental/surf shop across from cowell's. after otto passed away jeanie sold all the boards- check how many d-fins! i think that is bob pearson and ward coffey on the far left checking boards."

tsimpson from swaylocks said the following after checking this picture out:
"I hate to admit it, but I think I might have rented a board or two from Otto in 1961-62 or so when I was learning to surf. Some of the worst boards you could imagine. You would get cut up from the unsanded glass threads hanging off the boards which were made by local kids that Otto hired."

steiny also posted the picture below. here are the descriptions:
"from a board swap in santa cruz 2001. clockwise from the top left a yount (santa cruz), pop out, g&s, homemade kid sized pig, unknown, chuck dent, surfboards hawaii, owl and ????"