Saturday, April 28, 2012

loving life!

this board has me grinning from ear to ear!! its such a fresh take on a familiar design. surfing is something we do. ...a lot...   when  my wife surprised me with my simmons replica it felt like such a fresh approach to riding a wave, nothing i'd surf all the time, but something to ride and get fresh perspectives every now and again. then i scored this board. it's crazy, it feels so familiar, yet just different enough to make you feel like surfing is more special than taking a hike. my feral pig is my trusted soul mate. when i'm on blackstoke II , i feel like i'm cheating on my bing!!!!  when i ride my bing after riding the simmons or this board, it shocks me how perfect that bing feels under my feet. that bing is such a solid all around functioning board. what a fortunate time!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

barely use pig for sale!!!

Craig sent me this via 
Hello Mike,
I am selling my pig and Mary (Surf Sister) told me to ask you if you could post it on your blog. I've seen your blog for a while now and really enjoy it. Bummed that I missed the last San O pig luau, but hope to make this years event on Sunday. 

Anyway... I have been shaping for about 7 years now (when I turned 51 I put shaping on my 'bucket list' after being in the shaping room since the 70's to watch my boards being shaped by others) and have since made all types of boards, from Mini Simmons & short-boards to mid lengths and longboards. 
I have found that what I do best is mid lengths and longboards - because that's what I ride.  I am a dedicated Sacred Craft attendee and always pick the brains of as many people as possible. Shaping is not what I do for a living, I do it for myself and some friends because I love it. The satisfaction of riding something you've made is incredible. The people I look up to are incredible craftsman like Tyler Hatzikian and Gene Cooper as well as others.

So the story of the Pig I am selling... I was at Ocean Park and see this old board on a guys car and asked him about it. It was a 1960's Con Surfboards Pig. The shape was fantastic. So I made arrangements to see him again and make a template of the board. I made two boards. One that he bought and one for me. I have ridden it about a dozen times and although he rips on his, I just haven't got the knack for that style of surfing. So it's either going to become a wall hanger because it's so beautiful, or I have to sell it so I can make another with some tweeks to fit in more with the way I surf.

It is in perfect condition. Scale from 1 to 10, it's a 9.95.  It's 9'1", red panels top and bottom, black band all the way around, glassed leash loop (in case you need it) and glassed on red D fin form Larry Alison.  I'm asking $600 for it.
If it can be posted that would be great.  I've attached a photo of the two Pigs I made, the red one is for sale. Please let me know what you think and if it's possible to put on the blog.

Craig Ferré

email craig:

Saturday, April 21, 2012

maiden voyage!!

when i posted pictures and the story of how i came upon this board, i received many comments about the fin. a peanut gallery started. oh! that fin will do this! (mind you the people saying that have never ridden a board with this fin, much less this board with this fin. let the record show ye that wish to know how this board rides, show up at the san onofre bluffs between trail 3 and 4 on the weekend of June 22 - June 24. I will let you shred it.) i am not going to type words that describe my feelings about the way this board rode. I am not going to type words that describe what my perception of the fin's influence. ye that wants to know, come to the luau and giver a go.

I'm super stoked to have the boards I do. I'm sure everyone is stoked to own the boards they do. when I started this blog , I never thought I'd have the boards and the experiences I have today. I feel like everything has come together so nicely. every pig I have owned, or still own pushes my understanding that much further. this years luau should be great. I hope to see some new faces and a variety of pig boards!!!
Mark from stay covered picked up blackstoke I and took it to Marc. He also brought blackstoke II down the coast. He is making all kinds of surf products. He gave me some of his wax, I am currently using it. I am SUPER STOKED on it. I'll be buying it when i see it.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

an unusual circumstance

before matt calvani had faith in me, i commissioned ye ole blackstoke the 1st. a strange thing that day... perhaps i shouldn't say this. yet i am compelled. before i say what i am about to say... recall the title of this blog post.

upon delivery of ye ole blackstoke the 1st, mr. Andreini said:

"if you don't like it, i'll make you a new one, just trade this one in".

now... to a employed Human like myself, i thought:

' whatever, like I'd ever take you up on that'.

when the blackstoke was delivered i had a sesh with Marc. during that sesh, i felt the board was frictionless paddling, extremely fast, and very controllable from the nose portion of the board. however, the turning capacity of the board didn't sync with my approach that session. then, shortly after that I received a different board from someone else. that board caught my attention. i shelved ye ole numero uno.

then my boy hakenzeemander called me. i knew his approach would syncwith this board. well, i called it. after a strong go at ye ole numero uno....he now is frequently shredding one of marc's boards...a poor boy. in other words... i let my brother shred the fuck piss out of ye ole #1. after shredding and shredding and shredding my board, he ordered a new one from marc. my buddy is tough on decks. worse than me. in fact his nodules on his feet are legendary.

he blasted my board, yet i had the gumption to call mr. andreini and request that new one.

well, evidently Marc honors his word. behold ye ole numero dos!!!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Sunday, April 15, 2012

noticed this stuff at my house today!

stoked to live where i do! every one needs a domesticated yard pig. in this case we have an olson compliments of IHH.
below is the derivation of the formula for the area of a circle. my buddy asked me to draw some math shit on my chalk board. so i did. this goes from the definition of a point to, to observing pi...using a bit of iterations... Q.E.D.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

looking forward!

this year's pig roast is going to be MENTAL. so stoked to have it set up the way it is. however, the campsites are fairly small. getting a campsite there on the bluffs might be a good call if you are planning on sticking around for a bit... regardless of the puny sized , meager camp sites, the idea of walking to shred some of these boards has a good ring to it. that and the copious food and beverage.
i've been scoring sliders lately, got to love your spot!!!!
"north of sliders"... check back soon, i will have this year's pig luau flyer. it's going top be SICK!!!!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

2nd annual pig luau!!!!!!!!

here it folks, 2nd annual luau! ...please bring your pig boards to the beach this June 22 - 24! i'm switching things up a bit this year. instead of trying to take over the hut at oldman's I acquired 2 campsites at San Onofre Bluffs in between trail 3 and trail 4. We'll be smoking a pig this year, the herd of pig boards will be up on the cliffs. we'll surf sliders , san onofre, or the trails...i don't give a shit! this gathering is all about celebrating a life full of great friends, family and beautiful, great riding surfboards!!! I have a grip of new boards to check out, please bring yours!!!!!