Saturday, May 25, 2013

just another day in the neighborhood.

full moon on the walk down.
some of them had some push.
the water is so pleasant right now.
many of these photos are very similar.  couldn't decide which to keep or dump...

a bing feral pig makes a decent hat.
stopped by the pier to give it a look and see.
had to give her a go. in 20 minutes i scored 3 spinning left wedgers. so STOKED!!!!
now, we're blasting 20lbs of mud bugs for Chef's birthday!!! happy birthday big boy!!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

some fun ones!

i love sliders point. fun waves today. nice water. bing feral pig working usual! nice cutbacks. it was great to feel a little push.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

if it ain't broke...

fun ones again today.

caught a few crisp little left spinners! so stoked to slide little clean ones!!
dirt bags.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

good morning saturday!

small but clean. LOVE these days!!


the cult classic: gnar gnar and casanova must save their planet that has run out of stoke. is stoke something you can harvest, it something you become! find out with this 70 minute feature length genre defining dvd!
the prequel to INVASION! from planet C , Jazz the Glass (made after INVASION!) follows captn blackstoke and his crew as they smoke nose pipes, drink gallons of beer, curse, pilfer stoke, and shred!!!! double blast includes the sound track. BLAST IT!!!!!
it would be great to get some coin for these DVD's, is super rad. just send me an email (, we'll work something out!!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

red fang, crunchy nut bar and patches.

me patches are just about in me hands. quite pumped. soon i'll post up some garments with these patches sewed on. me plan is to have these patches for sale @ 6 or 7 bucks a pop. that price includes shipping. anywhere. corse i'm down to trade. i'll sew some of these on to various garments and post said garment up. we'll see how that goes. more details soon.
this fella is having a bad day. the way i see it have gone down is: just humped the shit out of a less than willing female squirrel recently. was famished. been eyeing this feeder and pillaging from this feeder for seasons. when he hasn't been humping for hours recently before pillaging feeder his balls are less swollen. so, this being his first full throttle hump session, he is eager to eat (albeit with unusually swollen testes). gets his regular posture, maybe or maybe not feels his balls are on the other side of the metal bar than they usually are when he hasn't had said hump session. either way, eyes feeder, sets posture, preps jump and springs. only to have his nuts on the wrong side of the metal bar. they are caught, he stops mid air, falls to his death. that will teach his stupid ass to leave the BIRD feeder alone.

Friday, May 3, 2013

northside, and luau1 hodge podge!

pulled up after work to this. stoked on that little left down there by the bushes!
me wife shot this of me tucked into this little southside pocket! thanks love!!
jason arnold sent me these photos he shot from luau 1. so stoked!!!!!!!!

recognize this?... this year's flier

Jeff Hanneman RIP.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Vinny's Brink!

Vinny sent me this via Mr. Black, Your blog and posts on the boards inspired me to get a pig. So I custom ordered one from Mr. Donald Brink.  I asked for a bit of a fuller nose, and a shorter than normal length, and left the rest up to him.  He had what he called some piglets that he had previously shaped.  I've attached two pictures of it. I took the board out for the first time this morning and loved it.  Super smooth rides, turns, and nice trim on the front end on the inside sections. Absolutely love it! Thanks for all the pig stuff on your blog and I especially love all the pics of Slider's point, it seems like you guys are so stoked out there. Cheers, Vinny
First time I ever met Donnie, he had just made a couple of these. RAD stuff!