Sunday, January 31, 2010

i walk my log down the trail

my buddy jon steele shot this . i found it on deathweasel films blog
long live the murderer of industry weasels!!!

lets surf!

here is a grainy snap shot into my morning. i hope yours was nice also!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

jah! rasta!!

my wife said this picture sucks 'cuz it looks like i'm grunting out a shat! i said JAH! RASTA!

this morning's high tide extravaganza!

the below photos are taken with my phone. Richard's photos are better.
a little peeler.
looks like mars or something.
a little cracker from this morning.
me getting ready to walk up.
my buddy tom is more stoked than you are.
i like the below shot because its orange under the bridge , but blue above.
here are some videos from today.

Friday, January 29, 2010

sometimes you need to go surf.

kind of a lazy evening. i scored a few little glassy nibblers. i am so lucky.

thanks be to richard holcombe for the photos.

merry friday to you!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

sliders point

here are a few more. 

thanks be to RH!

Pelican, Bush, Sand, and Ocean

Happy Thursday.
R.H. stands for Richard Holcombe. RH shot this

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


richard holcombe shot this picture of the wave i surf frequently. 

Richard Holcombe shoots very nice photos

I just recently met this fellow named Richard. He shoots some NICE photos of slider's point. I'll leak some more here soon.

Jamie Kelly makes a pig that will shred the dash board!!

Jamie Kelly sculpted this as a tribute to surfing pig boards. NICE!!! Check out more on his blog 
this kind shredder will be shredding my dash board soon! Thanks Jamie!!

what fin template is that?

the question was asked. I was there when gene took a pencil and "free" drew our fin template on some flimsy template making board. we messed with the height a bit. gene had the front curve and the back curve in his  head. to me it looks like the profile of a "pigskin" stuck in the sand (for those american "football" enthusiast). truth be told... gene has seen a fair share of bing surfboards in his time. all of the photos below are from the classic bing surfboard site (except for the top one). that site rules. 

"So here's the story on the fin. I walked into the Garden Grove factory one morning at about 4am to work on bb#1 and looked up and saw this POS board that Michlers dad found in a trash can back in the 60's. No logo, no idea who made it but I liked the fin shape and how the trailing edge was cut in so the fin could hang off the tail. Got a ladder to get up there and traced it on hardboard, cut it out, then whittled on it for a while. Turned out kind of what I scribbled out for GG a few days earlier. So I had a this fin template before I finished my coffee. If I knew it was going to lead to this much discussion I would have spent more time on it."

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Josh Oldenburg 's Pig project

Josh sent me this via I checked out his blog. This project sounds interesting.
"Hi there, My name is Josh Oldenburg, I am a young shaper glasser out of San Diego.  I have been following your blog for a few months now and enjoy reading and viewing the materials on your posts. Recently I have taken on a project which we deemed "three little pigs", the inspiration for this project came from a 1960's era hobie that was purchased off a consignment rack a few years ago. I currently produce what interpret as a modern pig. However this project takes aim at emulating larger theories of the original pigs. Each pig will essentially have the same dimensions and rail design, but each bottom will be different from the next. One will feature a classic belly to roll v, another will have a strict nose concave to belly to roll v, and the last will have an exaggerated hull. The goal of this project is hone in on both the physical theories of the pig and personal preferences from one rider to the next. I will also be implementing a side art project that incorporates media prints as well as hand drawn art. The two create a unique multi layer effect. If any of this sounds like something you would be interested in please check out my blog for the first installment at There is also a web site I enjoy the blog, keep up the good work. Josh Oldenburg"        

compare and contrast.

cooperfish blackboard above...velzy jacobs balsa below.

youngest surf a pig enthusiast ever!

well, i am a lucky man. heck most of us reading this blog are INSANELY lucky. we have the resources and the time to look at trivial art surf life stuff. in addition to the luck that supports that kind of activity, most of us surf, and are healthy. just to have access to fresh water on a regular basis is amazing enough when you get right down to it. well, in addition to all the wonderful things surrounding me , I am as fortunate as a man ever gets. I am married to the only woman in the world that understands me (she happens to be the most beautiful woman in the world too {sorry mom!}) and I have a child on the way. we just cleared the first trimester. below is a shot of our little one saying hello with a "shaka". super classic. how is the due date? 8/9/10 unbelievable. something about the sculptures below makes me think of my wife and I.
when they turned on the noise of the heartbeat, i was shocked. it is SO crazy to think about this little being hanging out in my wife's uterus. 

Sunday, January 24, 2010

cooperfish blackboard 'bout ready!!!

i am a very lucky man.

here is that video of gene rubbing on this one.

you must keep an eye on Gene Cooper!!!

venice beach on a weekend when there was real good surf!

venice is me old stomping ground. jah praise and shed light on the good fellows of mollsuk venice. thanks be to ye! can't say i'd rather live there....but can say living there had its advantages... i miss those PERFECT off shore mornings at the BU. i was in l.a. this weekend for some fancy job related shite. i picked up a great yellow rat jacket, and got a SICK video of harry parry...check it out!!!