Tuesday, February 28, 2012

willy's bobby d diamond tail, a little uh oh!!! from rob royal! and some help for timmy!!!

bobby sent me this via surfapig@live.com:Hey Mike, Here's some photos of the first board I shaped after my amputation. It took me a while to get back into the shaping room and I hope I can make one of these for myself here soon. I shaped this for my bro Willy from NJ. He was extremely patient while waiting for this. I just took my pig template that John Cherry had made up for my first board and changed a few lines on the aft end to give it a nice rounded diamond tail. Willy said he's never ridden a board that was so easy to maneuver and that stays in the pocket like this. I'm really stoked on his ride report. It had been about a year since I had shaped and was hoping he would be satisfied. Double 8 Deck and 8 Bottom with a flawless job and tint by Michael Miller. And beautiful Brazilian Jatoba D fin by John Cherry.I have to give Bird and Bird's Surf Shed many thanks for letting me shape this out of his room in the shed. It was a real honor to have shaped this in a place surrounded by so much history and great people. Cheers Brother,Bobby

bobby's stoke is genuine! that board speaks for itself. INSANE!!! my buddy rob royal emailed me the pics below. he's working at the glass shop over there. NICE!!!!

mister griffster sent me the information below:

Recently, I found out that one of the UK's most talented surfboard builders, Tim Mason and wife Kate, lost their 7 year old son, Timmy, to terminal cancer. Timmy was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare solid tumor, in June 2008 After 3 years of intensive treatment Timmy sadly passed away on the 11th October 2011. Anyone who has met Tim will know that he's one of the most honest and nicest people in surf culture. As a testament to this the Mason family have started a trust in Timmy's name to help other children and their families when they most need support.

Not only do i think that's an amazingly benevolent act but Timmy is an inspiration in himself. Tim was quoted in a BBC article as saying;

"He never cried. His spirit was very much to help others," Tim said.

This little boy is twice the man I am.

Tim continues "When Timmy died our battle against cancer did not stop. We wanted to continue fighting cancer. That way we did not feel the battle had been lost."

"We hope to help as many as we can, as best we can, and know this is exactly what Timmy would have wanted."
When you hear news like that having stuff stuck on a shelf for sentimental reasons just seems such a waste. So this is an auction for these collectables where all money received will go to The Timmy Mason Trust so that Timmy's legacy may live on, helping other children when they need it most. This is the vital bit. In order to become a fully fledged charity in the UK Timmy's Trust needs £5000 in the bank through donations to achieve official charity status. So any money raised through this auction will be a great help in establishing the Trust and most importantly getting the money to this children and families who are suffering.

It would be great if this could be achieved as soon as possible, and Tim and Kate know children who a suffering a great deal and have but months to live, so the sooner these donations can be released the greater chance their remaining time can be spent as positively as possible.

check the following links:

ebay auction for timmy

timmy's trust

surfboard auction for timmy's trust

Thursday, February 23, 2012

a few hours ago.

pelican's magic carpet, sliders point...a gewd day!
little video my wife shot with her cell phone!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

lazy wednesday!

southern california.
just me and the birds.... and the pelican's magic carpet, and SLIDERS POINT!!
that'l slide!!!
i'm getting this board figured out!
nice and GLASSY!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

oh my!!!

behold! the 3'9" piglet!!!!!!!!!!! thank you matt and the BING crew!!!
bit of an S deck on it. to say I am ULTRA STOKED to get this thing out in some body wompers in an UNDERSTATEMENT!!
well, then there is this. Jim the Genius made this for me. I didn't order it, my wife did...with out telling me. god i love that woman! the one board i would never order but would always want.
scored a few clean ones this a.m. at sliders on it. earned the name "pelican's magic carpet".

we drew a ship on the chalk board in the garage.
oso is oh so awesome!!
saw this when we were buying produce at whole foods. have to love fractals in nature!
pure slide of stoke picking up my piglet today. margaret snapped this of me. i found it on the bing face book page.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

life, cappy, bu, bing pig ,and a smoked pig

is that a dream?
nope. reality. been super busy...getting my math's up , spending time with my beautiful healthy family, and....SUFING THIS!!! this is not sliders. this is the cappy. i miss this wave. it is such a different surfing experience. what a beautiful area. islands in the background, perfect right point in the foreground. we were camping in some cabins just up the canyon from this slice of bliss this past weekend.
little D, godzilla, and big D... i can't wait!!!!!!!!
below is a few shots from a recent sliders session.

cheyen skasick sent me the following via surfapig@live.com: Glad you got some in el capitan! not much luck in Leo actually horrible conditions but I stopped in malibu on our way home and got some fun clean ones on the flexpig! surf soon

cheyen is a hard working american surfer. stoked to know this kid! how sick are those bu shots!!!

justin coffey sent me this one via surfapig@live.com: Hey Mike, My friend Derek recently received his custom 10' Bing Pig. I wrote about it's maiden voyage on my blog, the Peanut Butter Coast: http://www.peanutbuttercoast.com/2012/02/lonely-lefts-right-handed-pigs.html I attached a few photos of Derek and the board. Thought you might like it. Hope all is well on your end. J.W.

check that peanut butter coast blog out. great stuff! justin really captured derek's stoke!!

anthony pit sent me this via surfapig@live.com: Hey Mike, I just scored my new Oldenburg smoked pig. No concave and large D-fin. I looked at surfapig for months and decided to go traditional with it. Maiden voyage will be at Malibu this weekend.

nice one anthony! Oldenburg is laying it down! great guy!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

catchin up!!

i'm so stoked on the contributions i get for surfapig! lately, i have been super busy surfing ,doing family stuff, and developing some math project. it has been a bit more difficult to get on here and feed this beautiful monster. it humbles me though...the inbox keeps filling up! thank you so much for the contributions!!! keep them coming!

and to think of it.... there is one update i wasn't able to make yet. hopefully i'll get to it soon. something about a big D a little D and godzilla.

on with the show!

chuck sent me this via surfapig@live.com: You'll probably love this one: (http://diariodeunchurfer.wordpress.com/2012/01/24/cosas-de-cerdos/) This is Ignacio "Chuk" Solis, and I'm a member of the Bing family. This board was sent to the Bing Dealer in Spain, Tablas Surf Shop, as a second hand deal, and I'm just giving a try. Pure fun!!! Nice to talk to you...Chuk

Nick sent me this beauty from stamps via surfapig@live.com: Hey Mike, I got a new one. Surfapig is great, I go back and re-read the pig discussions once in a while and I pick up something new every time. Nick

TIKI sent me this via surfapig@live.com:Hi Guys, I have a nickname called Tiki that I've had since 14 and there ar'nt many people I know who would know my real name, so when I got back to making a few boards again TIKI seasnakes was the choice and I decided to have a policy " don't ask me for a clear board ...I don't make em" and as I do all the work and I enjoy every bit of them. A great friend of mine over here ( australia) Roy Meisel , came out from California in !972-73 and brought with him a 1957 Velzy Jacobs 9 foot Balsa, when he arrived short boards were it, hardly anyone rode logs except Roy and a few of us on small days and as the years rolled on I always admired this wonderful board as it also surfed unreal....... so after all these years I took a template ,reversed it and made my pig, the result was fantastic , it would have to be one of the best longboards i've ridden and am hooked on the things, she's 9'7" x 23x 2/3/4 all tinted glass ( I don't do sprays) . I like "D" fins for looks but not for performance, I've used a fully hand foil shape of my own , not as deep as I would put on a log but the result was, with the shape and contour of the bottom, a full concave to concave V, it whips out of turns and is beautiful to drop n climb and down the line. I have seen other Pigs over here as they're getting to be popular with younger loggers and they do work better than most of the other shapes these guys were riding before so it looks good for Pigs, ah! if only Velzy could see the passion for these boards now. Keep up the great site guys and as I make em I'll postem .
Cheers TIKI

casanova sent this to me via surfapig@live.com: Gnar~ hey buddy boy just wanted to send a few pics to the piggy community. An old Santa Barbara logging mate came for a visit and we busted out my flexpig and McTavish pig for a summer slide. There is a new addition to my swine family currently being hatched and fresh pics to come. Casanova - over and out!!
stoked for you matt!!!