Thursday, December 31, 2009

cooperfish blackboard II

oh fuck yea! oh FUCK YEAH!!!!!!! I  am doing a project with Gene Cooper. a link to Gene's Blog with more pix of the COOPERFISH BLACKBOARD prototype II

new years eve. surf a pig STYLE!!!!

I surfed with fitz today. he is friends with the dude from daily bread. radical. it was a lazy day out there. kind of fat with the tide. but...with patience...there were a few fun ones. I got to set up off the bottom of one and line up for a NICE head dip curl shoot thingy...followed up with a cut back. NICE!! there is this bird that has been chilling with me lately. i shot a video of him earlier this week and another one of him today. the one i shot today is one of those log burning videos again. something about it though. the sound of waves crashing...and this bird just chilling out on a nice for me.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ty Williams.

Ty Williams. I met Ty williams in 2005 when he was traveling around Costa Rica by himself. What a perfect way to meet someone. When we told him we were making a surf film the first thing he asked us was "do you know who Thomas Campbell is?" CLASSIC!! At any rate we were stoked to get to know him. He has since doodled and painted quite a lot. He has that rad backside fish wave in INVASION! from Planet C. When we had our Hurley premiere of INVASION! from planet C, Ty showed up and painted the walls. I am forever in debt to him for that. He nailed it. Here is a link to a video clip of that party. Check out the paintings on the walls. Below is an image he sent me in support of Jazz the Glass. 
 ultra rad. I really thought Ty would do the art for Jazz. He was supposed to do the cover work for INVASION! too. The pictures below are what he submitted for INVASION! 

We were stoked on Ty's contributions. Our friend Brin ultimately came up with the design we stuck with. 

As far as I can see Ty is doing well for himself. Here is a link to Ty's website. How many portraits does he have of himself looking like a deer caught in the headlights?!!  

 Super Rad.  ( all the portraits were found on Ty's website The skull we use for the "jolly roger" in Jazz the Glass was designed by me. I was laying in bed trying to think of the "icon" to front Jazz with. Like the space ship is for INVASION! 
I knew it had to be a skull. I started to play with all the obvious shit (like surfboards for the cross bones). That shit started looking like butt pirates of the Caribbean. I just kept after it until I drew this rough skull with waves for eyes, a fish for a nose, and logs for teeth.
 After I had the idea sketched on paper I sent it to David Potter (our finished skull was made by David Potter).
 After I sent it to David, I sent it to Ty. Eventually, although Ty's skulls were cool, we thought they looked too much like jelly fish or something. Too cartoony for the nature of this project.

 Ty Williams has cut a niche out for himself in a market that is resilient. Good on him. Thank you Ty for all your support all these years. Jazz the Glass!!!


Nathan Oldfield is out of Austraila. He is a teacher,enjoys the slide of the Pig and makes surf movies....a brother from another mother! Here is a interview Liquid Salt did with him. Here is a link to his movie Seaworthy. Nathan sent me this via today:
"gday mike. i enjoy following your blog, & look forward to checking out jazz the glass. we have a few things in common. i'm a school teacher, make surf films & like pigs too. here's a couple of logs my dad & i made for ourselves earlier this year. his is the yellow one & mine is the blue. we're in love with our boards, & are always frothing to ride them. thought you might appreciate a look. keep up the happy work. cheers mate, nathan."
...with that I say thank you for the support! and GOOD ON YA!!! looks like you got your shite put together RIGHT NICE!!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

killed 47 kooks, accumulated 30 megatons of STOKE...a GOOD DAY!!!

The below video is a little shake-y. I like it because you can get the feel of the tranquility of the morning commute. you can hear the birds chirping.

a classic moment. that moment before you know what your day is going to be like.
walk up to this!!! FEEEE-YUCK!!  

the below video was shot right before i paddled my 10' COOPERFISH BLACKBOARD out.

i shot this after i had finished my session. 

like i said.... A GOOD DAY!!

pig on a woddy


Monday, December 28, 2009

help a brother out!

Stefen Snook sent me this via
"hi this is stefen snook, i have a sweet 1960's roberts playa del rey log that i would like to sell so that i could get a new log that i have had my eye on for a while. I'd like $350 obo, it is 10'6" with lots of concave.i was wondering if you could post it on your blog to help me out. or if you you would like it yourself. it is a little beat up from over the years but totally fixable and would be a sweet board.
thanks. stefen p.s. my email is "


well. i must say that this board has me feeling unworthy. what i have been experiencing on the COOPERFISH BLACKBOARD prototype ...the way it carries through sections, the drive it has off the bottom, the tight turning radius, the maneuverability on the nose ...all of that has me feeling like the first one was everything I have been looking for in a board. enter this other prototype . the roll on this thing with the proper rocker... it is so true to tradition. the lack of a stringer is going to make for some interesting flex. Gene has been thinking about the materials on this one. so PSYCHED!!

the video below is kind of like watching the video of logs burning. not a lot is happening. however it is strangely soothing to listen to and to watch.

Jon Steele's video of the Jazz Premiere @ Hurley

hello. we plan to have Jazz the Glass ready to be sold by the end of Jan.

sliders point , cooperfish blackboard A GOOD DAY!!!!

sliders point this morning. NICE!!!! i hope you are scoring wherever you might be!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

sliders point , cooperfish blackboard I like IT!!

fun day out there today. first day i felt this COOPERFISH BLACKBOARD get its wings. days like this make me feel very lucky.

the bing pig!!

my friend steve hadley has this unreal OG bing pig, eventually hopefully one day it will be in my quiver. its taking a pit stop at Jason Hall's place. NICE!!!
steve wrote me:
"the bing piggy is with Jason Hall(daily bread) in yer OC..."


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Paul Mcneil and sea surfboards!!!

Paul Mcneil sent me this via
howsat one on the LEFT!!

sliders this morning

today was a beautiful day out in the water. it was cold, small and inconsistent. every once in a while a clean little waist to chest high wave would peel through. perfect pig slide. i shot this pic and this video before i paddled out. this COOPERFISH BLACKBOARD is so enjoyable to ride. it has a quick trim and an amazing turn. it is constantly surprising me. the 15 3/4" nose on this prototype gives me so much maneuverability when I am up there. 

3 little piggies

i stole this from miles. when he posted it on ...he knew I would!! NICE!!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

drawings on christmas

i drew these a few years ago. I wanted to draw portraiture but couldn't get any subjects. now is seems as if I am narcissistic. basically I would sit down at my desk, set up a mirror and use this ratio thing I devised with my pencil at arms length. its strange to see the different errors in all the drawings.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

christmas eve BRAH!!!

The morning commute. 
surf, please scoot your self along.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Holidays!!

Jon Steele shot this holiday picture. CLASSY!!