Sunday, November 28, 2010


ben sent this to me via Kia Ora Mike! Just got these pictures from Ray in Raglan. The log is glassed J Volan top and bottom, pigmented complines and an arrow! This board knows where its going! So stoked! Going to pick it up this coming weekend… hoping for some sweet Manu Bay peelers! Cheers, Ben

super nice!! nothing like a fresh stick and some clean sliders!!!

9'8" handmade florida pig!

chris sent me this via Hey Mike, I'm a RN here in Florida and amateur surfboard shaper. I've been stoked on your website and "Invasion" film so I thought for my next board I'd try my hand at shaping a pig and this is what I came up with. 9'8" long, a little more than 3" thick with a width of 22.5" set around 6" aft of center. I installed a fin box for ease of travel and storage in my apartment. Lemme know what you think. ~Chris


basket ball jones, with a slice of slayer.

1975, cheech and chong.
i got more moves than exlax.
i found the video below on svrf and destroy's blog:
he had this one posted up a while ago.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

get shacked!


grant newby sent me this!how is that left?! pig slide CITY!!
below is a picture of me with a leg up on a hog i dun BLASTED with my AK!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tom in Maine and the AUSTIN PIG

tom sent this to me via Hi Mike, I saw the post about Austin making Christmas ornament pigs and it reminded me to send along a couple of pictures of one of his full size pigs that I bought earlier this year.It's a 9'8" board, incredible workmanship, and a blast to ride.Tom in Maine

NICE! thank you for the contribution!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

jason arnold

jason arnold shreds.
i'm digging her neck tattoos!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

AUSTIN and the pig X-mas ornament!!!!

check out AUSTIN SURFBOARDS. AUSTIN is a craftsman of the first order. keepin real on the right coast.

Hey mike, We just made a bunch of new christmas ornaments that I thought you might dig! They are pig shaped pieces of our leftover resin from glassing boards. or 757-270-8300 to order over the phone!
here is the one I received. These are very well made. Any log rider must have one.

He is also making other items out of resin. Bracelets, pen holders.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

changi pig!

nick mcarthur sent this to me via yo i dig your blog i look at it most days... i own and ride 3 pigs of different shapes but with all the same wide hips and combinations that make up a pig... i recently shaped this pig and wrapped it in 8 oz volan + 6oz.. brownish yellow tint to make it look old and wooden....i hope you like it and put some photos up cheers and have fun
nick mcarthur

NICE! this post wrote itself... and told a story! that is the thing with a pig, a basic design...tons of fun. click on his name up there and check his site out! super clean!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

surfing with a buddy

my buddy dan was visiting. sliders offered up nice conditions...albeit small. i shot these photos yesterday. My buddy richard holcombe was shooting friday morning. He said he got some of Dan and I. we'll see!
no complaints here.
litttle left.
A frame.

Friday, November 12, 2010


early morning A frame
i surfed with my buddy dan today.
there were some lulls, but there were some SWEET little sliders.
it has been beautiful this last week.
early morning A frame.
as we were changing out of our wetsuits, the pulse came through.
there were great little lefts, and some nice rights.
some perspective.
nose rides and cut backs were the ticket today.
a sweet little left.
sliders point is a fun place to surf.
i like this photo
early morning A frame, some birds.
tons of birds everywhere, you see catalina in the back ground.
another sweet left.
A frame, birds.
all that white in the back ground are birds.
some more perspective, the surfer paddling out.
empty, little peeler.
a bay spinner
empty A frame.
down the beach syphon.