Sunday, October 30, 2011

poaching with friends!

it was a great time, sliding sliders with friends.

who says chivalry is dead?
this little reed sculpture has been migrating it's way around the beach.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

i love this stuff!

patric sent this to me via Hey Mike,
Its Patrick (Capitola Dewey Weber Pig-September 5, 2009 post). I wanted to share some photos my father shot of me surfing my pig last weekend. I like reading your blog and wanted to make another contribution. Keep mining the stoke, Patrick Cady P.S. I have a math question for you. Is there a way to prove that every rational number can be expressed as a fraction of two coprime integers. I have been taking this for granted as part of the definition of rational numbers, but from what I can tell the coprime part isn't in the definition. I'm writing a proof for root 2 is irrational (by contradiction).

needless to say, i love the photo contributions, and was stoked to get the math question!!!! here was my response:

The fact that your ratio in the "square root two" proof is a reduced fraction (a ratio of coprime integers) is essential. It is the fact that is contradicted.

More generally speaking, we build the rational numbers from the integers. integer over non zero integer . it is a theorem that every integer has a unique factorization. So, since I can factor every integer one and only one way (as a product of primes) , and since any number over itself is the value "one". and since one is the identity element of multiplication, it follows that any rational number can be written as a ratio of co prime integers.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

bobby D has a beautiful VELZY


pig mania!

jason is honoring 2680!!!!

Nathan Oldfiend's 9'6" piggery!

Nathan sent this to me via

when i see the picture below, i'm wondering if he was saying to me...
"yea doesn't have a D fin or skeg or whatever you want to call it. but look at it! ... i made it, SO STOKED!!"
Yea Nathan!!!! Nathan made a few movies, and has a rad blog. check them out!!! I am so stoked to get photos of other peoples creations.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

jason's super clean stamps pig.

like it? check out tim's site for more. or contact tim at or 562 715 6547

9'6" of the clean shit!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Thursday, October 13, 2011

20 and 23

pounds and months ago respectively.

thanks for taking me to my van miles! and thanks for the pics!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

remembering a good buddy

chizel dick. his name is charlie, we dedicated INVASION! from planet C to him. he earned the name chizel dick. this photo makes me laugh so hard i nearly shit myself every time i see it.
my parents occupy about 300 acres in the Texas hill country, a great spot on the planet. this particular summer there were a crew of us out there. the guy in the background in the yellow shirt is the brother of rev speef. in the forground, chizel's shirt says "relax i'm a professional". my mom and dad had just left us at the ranch for a week or so, we were charged with fucking these oaks over into fire wood. we had been out in the bush for a good couple days. one evening around the ranch house this big fucker came up in the meadow. chizel grabbed my dad's m1. he blasted this guys ass. literally, shot him in the ass. it was dark. this guy fell like a sack of potatoes. we continued drinking beers and didn't give a fuck about him. this meadow is like a golf course, my dad keeps it debris free. its probably a 2 acre front yard of sorts. in the morning we wake up and there is this huge feral pig, just laying in it looking rigor-mortised. we keep after the wood , thinking we'll drag the pig somewhere eventually before my dad gets back. well we are getting after the wood so hard , by the end of the day , the last thing we want to do is monkey fuck a stinky ass rigored swine. a couple days pass, the fucker is still there every morning. looking stiffer and stiffer. the night before my parents are due to return, it pours rain. now we have a slippery rotting dead pile of stink. the morning of the day my parents are due to show up, we know it is time to drag that fucker off some where. we tie him with some rope and start dragging him. well we put him on this trailer thing we had and start dragging him in that up in the hills. the trailer breaks. we tie him up with some ropes and continue dragging that stinky slippery pile of filth up in the hills. the rope breaks, finally we pull out this chain you see in the pic. wrapping this hog with a chain is a terrible , terrible thing to do. the stink immediately causes a gag reflex. this pile of rotting flesh had ticks and maggots everywhere. we get him up to this "hog pile" of sorts. we had a few other rotten carcasses from other feral pigs up on this one spot. my buddy in the yellow shirt is that far away because the stink was that bad. this entire journey was a colossal dumb ass moment. i hadn't laughed that hard EVER. we were laughing our asses off at how fucking stupid we were, we were paying for it. charlie o.d. on oxycotin and some other shit back in 2005. RIP buddy.

Monday, October 10, 2011

the sea and the circus pt 2. (name drop city!!!)

obligatory slider shot!
all of the photos below were "borrowed" from BING's facebook page.
i missed this one. yeah matt! i'm so stoked to be around someone with so much enthusiasm toward surfboards.
here is magic matt, or matt the magician dropping knowledge no doubt. matt's understanding of fin surface area to tail width changed my life.
i look like a douche nozzle here. in my mind i wanted to grab the board and dry hump the rail. i should have.
tom moss. i was the ignorant gremmie with tom saturday. we're just two humans talking. he was patient with me when i told him my story of how my mom didn't let me sell my boards. so i have a few boards laying about. he said he had a ton of 'em. that comment just went in and out of my brain. then i carried on about how i sold some of my boards to fund INVASION!, then went through another purge in 2009 to fund this pig campain. he mentioned his wish list of 3 boards. he said he was selling a board that day. he also mentioned he has never sold a board, but today he is selling the board to make room for a board that was in the mail some EPIC board that had been on his wish list. it then came up that he took alot of the photos in the bing book. i mentioned my buddy tom ridings that had a few of the boards in that book. Tom Moss grabs the bing book and starts flipping through it. he is saying "these are mine", "these are mine", "these are mine" ... over and over and over again. i then realized i had just just been taken to school. a humble guy.
Toru from surf garage. (Matt i promise i won't do what i did just before this picture was taken to you again.)
yeah josh!!! stoked to see you and to catch up!!
I was super stoked to catch up with every one. this sacred craft felt good. I was super psyched to see people from every where. I was psyched to finally meet rob from slide 65. he had a crew with him. that shit is awesome. it was great to finally meet Glen Sakamoto from liquid salt. super stoked to see John Cherry. his stuff is amazing!!!! It was so nice to just sit back and speak to people about past times and pig surfboards. I had the chance to spend some time with Marc Andreini and Scott . I wish those dudes were my neighbors.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

the circus and the sea

the walk down today.
after sesh reflection.
A frame.
these guys are the stalwarts. always there , yet unable to trim.
donald brink. thank god i know him.
mr wessen. holy shit. looking feral. yes.
chairbang, tienyor negro, chirs. yes.
thank you bing copeland, matt calvani, and margaret calvani!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sacred Craft, Del Mar 2011

On Oct 8 my BING FERAL PIG and I will be at the BING booth from 12 - 3. Please come over and check it out! I'd be stoked to talk to anyone and everyone about design , function, concept...whatever! I'll feel like a kid hanging out in Santa's toy show room!

Matt made a gorgeous board to be auctioned off Sat evening!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

help a sister out!

surfsister is reluctantly putting this pig surfboard up for sale. she contacted me via Hi, Mike! Here are the photos of the flex pig with the red fin. I don't want to sell, but the kid needs braces immediately. Since our finances are such that we are now a cash only family, I've got to make some cash appear so that we can get a big chunk of the payment out of the way right now. We have no insurance, therefore we'll be paying for the braces out-of-pocket. I'm letting the board go for $1000. Anyone who's interested in it can contact me at Thanks, Mike!! I don't want to sell. I also don't want my kid growing up $#%@! up teeth. He will always be more important than my quiver. Always.

absolutely surf sister, family is EVERYTHING.