Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bobby D!!!!

bobby sent this to me via
Hey Mike, Hope things are well. How's the Grom? I plan on coming to
San-O on that Saturday To meet up. I'll bring my flexpig, the pig
I made and I think I'm gonna make another one. So maybe 3 of them.
I showed the picture below to my prosthetic guy and he was stoked
and told me he'd have a water leg made for me within the next 2-3
weeks. So I should be able to get my self in the water without help
by then.... My friends Danielle Burt ( an above knee amputee who
shreds) and Summer Romero took me out in the water for the first
time since my amputation on Thursday. I took my Model T out and
not my Pig because I thought it would be wise to have a leash with
having only 1 leg. The picture below was on my second wave. The
first wave I tried kneeling and it hurt my stump way too much so I
decided it was wiser to stand on one leg. It was a killer time, and
it was like learning allover again except with a little more of a
challenge, I only have one foot, haha. I'm gonna put some more of
the pics up on my blog later tonight. Take it easy brother, and
after I get my water leg all dialed in and I can drive again I can
meet you and Gene up north to take out my flexpig for the first
time. Cheers,Bobby D


  1. Fucking Rad.
    One of the most humbling experiences of my life was rolling up to the Asbury Bowl (RIP) and finding a pro skateboard competition beginning. It was an invitation only shindig and I got to watch from the sidelines. Alot of legends rolled up, Jim Murphy, Cab, and some other whose who. Than this cat in crutches and missing a leg walks up the stairs to the bowl. There is a guy behind him carrying two identical skateboard bags. One held his skate and the other his prosthetic which had an Airwalk logo branded on it (this was in the 90's when Airwalk was still something we cared about). To say he this one legged ripper absolutely destroyed the bowl is an understatement, I was in awe. Couldnt tell you his name if I tried but just as inspiring as Senor Bobby D and something I will never forget. Trying to make it out there for the event, the lady gave me permission last night for 1 solo longboard surf vacation so I am half way there. Again Bobby thanks for showing what Stoke really is.

  2. Bobby rips!! One leg? Shit. You da man!!! If I ever see you in the water, you'd better not drop in on me . . . cos I have the feeling you will embarrass me something fierce--and I've got two legs!

    Good on ya, Bobby!!

  3. Soul patrol, thats rad you got the pass! That's a rad story about the bowl.

    To say Im stoked Bobby is showing up, just doesn't do it justice.

    This whole thing is going to be rad.

    I hear you surf sister!!! Ha!!, except I want him to drop in on me... I want to share a wave with him!!!!!

  4. Mr. Black-Thanks for posting that. That's as radical as it is inspiring. Bobby, I wish nothing but the best for you and that the prosthetic works as well as you hope.

    F*cking cool.


    PS: Gene's pintail pig is *niiiiiiiiiice*!