Wednesday, February 6, 2013

jason arnold is RAD.

i'm 'bout to print up some shirts, try to sell some and raise some money to grab the sites for this year's luau in late june. 'less of corse some one would like to pitch in. i'd be happy to tell every and any one who pitched in. we'll make this year's happen...but i CAN say , me budget t'aint what it's been in years past! what'd socrates say...something about understanding pleasure by knowing pain or something. either way, this year has been one of the best i can recall. i love understanding value in humans. FAMILY. period.  surfapig is part of my family. jason arnold drew this and all my other logos up. that genius is a wizard. straight up. draws like I teach math. no matter what... this year's luau is sure to be real. surf, camp, eat, converse, and enjoy. i am so humbled by these luaus. it has been so nice to have so many enthusiast of so many generations gathered in one place at one time. thank you to all who support it!!!!!!!

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