Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Vinny's Brink!

Vinny sent me this via Mr. Black, Your blog and posts on the boards inspired me to get a pig. So I custom ordered one from Mr. Donald Brink.  I asked for a bit of a fuller nose, and a shorter than normal length, and left the rest up to him.  He had what he called some piglets that he had previously shaped.  I've attached two pictures of it. I took the board out for the first time this morning and loved it.  Super smooth rides, turns, and nice trim on the front end on the inside sections. Absolutely love it! Thanks for all the pig stuff on your blog and I especially love all the pics of Slider's point, it seems like you guys are so stoked out there. Cheers, Vinny
First time I ever met Donnie, he had just made a couple of these. RAD stuff!

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  1. I have the wood etched Brink blue surf a pig board and its in constant rotation.