Tuesday, April 29, 2014

feeling smart

it makes one feel smart when their friends are creative. i like justin and chris. they make me feel inspired. today was a tuesday. typically i would have tutored, taught and then been stoked to come home to the requirements of a father of a very inspiring daughter and husband of the worlds most worth while wife. and so did i do just that.... but there was this little bit more. this morning i orchestrated a little meet up of sorts. scored a few nugs at sliders. with some amigos. whats wrong with that? yeah i'm a trenched in mah-sheen. i do my do. so. why wouldn't one do that? few bottum turns, maybe a cut back or two, you know... a nose ride... i don't know...a curl shoot or sumpin. so. typical. yeah. what? look,  i love this. is it ego? is it recording the glory days? is it sharing with friends? is it nothing special? whatever.
below is pig foil defined. perfection.

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