Sunday, November 28, 2010

9'8" handmade florida pig!

chris sent me this via Hey Mike, I'm a RN here in Florida and amateur surfboard shaper. I've been stoked on your website and "Invasion" film so I thought for my next board I'd try my hand at shaping a pig and this is what I came up with. 9'8" long, a little more than 3" thick with a width of 22.5" set around 6" aft of center. I installed a fin box for ease of travel and storage in my apartment. Lemme know what you think. ~Chris



  1. Pretty groovy looking board Chris, I like the design on the deck!

  2. sweet board man! that captain fin is AMAZING!

  3. bitchin' fin...

    i guess the board is pretty cool too.

  4. dude are you wearing a homemade cormans sweater? wtf. really? it looks like it but hard to tell in the photo... you crazy man. i like you but you are crazy!!!