Friday, November 12, 2010


early morning A frame
i surfed with my buddy dan today.
there were some lulls, but there were some SWEET little sliders.
it has been beautiful this last week.
early morning A frame.
as we were changing out of our wetsuits, the pulse came through.
there were great little lefts, and some nice rights.
some perspective.
nose rides and cut backs were the ticket today.
a sweet little left.
sliders point is a fun place to surf.
i like this photo
early morning A frame, some birds.
tons of birds everywhere, you see catalina in the back ground.
another sweet left.
A frame, birds.
all that white in the back ground are birds.
some more perspective, the surfer paddling out.
empty, little peeler.
a bay spinner
empty A frame.
down the beach syphon.

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