Sunday, December 12, 2010


i surfed yesterday. it was a beautiful morning. one of those pig perfect days. there are so many birds lurking about at sliders. i suspect that means something...i'm just not sure what.
i recently wrote a children's book. It is almost done being self published. it is about a spider. now my eye is has no choice but to be absorbed into every spider web i see. with the one below...the light hit it just right on my way down the trail. i took this photo with my phone's camera. i then enhanced the color using "preview: adjust color" . i can't help but marvel at people that are all about "lo - fi"stuff. Every lo-fi image I see is presented through pixels. Hence it has been pushed through a digital media. so to announce the "texture" or the "mood" of "lo - fi" as being what makes it so distinct is asinine. people that are all about old cameras and "film" .... good for you. I am stoked to see people keeping things out of landfills....artist pursuing their passions....even better. i guess my point reality...there is no lo - fi. i mean lets capture the mood of a moment in time on film. and then make a print of it (nice!)...then photograph the print using your digital camera to put it on your blog? ...what?
birds, a nice peak. I paddled out at my usual corner. it was pretty dead. I slid a few though. i had my new wetsuit on. it feels great (thanks ICONS!). i am blessed to have the board i do, and surf the spot i do. i paddled north and met up with my buddy troy. i caught a few more up there.
a great way to start the morning.
yeah andrew!!!


  1. so i was thinking about your photo rant while biking to look at the ocean and i was getting all fired up. now i've reread it and i think i understand your point. if someone says that a photo has merit ONLY due to its analog properties, that's a joke. agreed. but i gotta say that i really appreciate the "look" of film images. there's this guy out of nz on your blogroll - slop groveller - who shoots a lot of stuff with expired film. . . sometimes bad looks good. haha. cheers mang.

  2. word andrew!

    give me some dub shit. i want to post up some roots.


  3. i shoot film for the same reason you ride shitty old boards.
    because i love it.