Saturday, December 4, 2010

long board swap at do ho 12/4/10

so i met up with my good buddy Gene Cooper today. This is where he picked up my velzy jacobs that john cherry sprinkled magic dust on. well, there was this other velzy jacobs. light...super light. i think i am going to post it up here on surfapig soon as a board for sale. i am holding it in the pic below.
here is that board on a saw horse stand.
gene is checking out this little hobie i was looking at to buy for my daughter. $325. NICE!
nose to tail of that hobie.
a super clean joe quigg
the logo
a couple of gnoll's
the fins.
and there there is this.
the fin.
how is this pile of shit?
it was like hyenas (edit: dingos!) to a kangaroo carcass.


  1. Mate nice board , but that is Dingos to a Kangaroo carcass , no Hyenas here in Oz .

  2. I wish I had known about this, all I heard about was a shapers hall of fame deal put on by the Greek. Didn't know there were boards there or I woulda been all over it. Dang!