Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jesse's involvement log!!!

jesse ( of black apache surfboards) sent me this via surfapig@live.com: hey mike, long time no speak, thought you might like to check out a recent log, this one is my "mod log" model, its an involvement era log.. as you probably know the involvement era logs came about in australia in the mid to late 60's before the shortboard boom, what was interesting is that they had a very pig inspired outline, with the wide point behind center, but were often ridden with a more contemporary fin setup - the greenough fins being the cutting edge at the time. these boards were a staple for guys like mctavish and hugely popular in australia... the succsessor to these boards was the wayne lynch evolution style boards which had that similar outline characteristic and then the shortboard evolution went crazy with the designs being obsolete before they were glassed sometimes!. the pig outline is such a timeless outline, i just love it - the wide point aft of center is a real knockout. and what i love about the involvement style boards is it shows how contemporary that pig outline could be and how much performance it could generate. the boys are frothing on these and the ride reports are amazing. rolled bottom bladey 50/50 rails through the nose and tail but keeps the beef in the middle. 11" flex fin booyah! the one in the picture is a double stringered version

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