Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tim Wilson and Aloha!!!

Tim sent me this via surfapig@live.com: Hi Mike. Tim from old jersey here. I've just got back with my friend Adrian from a drive to the south of France to meet up with the Bing crew on their European tour. Lots of good food , wine , cognac and a great bunch of guy's and gal's. The surf wasn't too good but I did get a few waves on my pig on Sunday morning at Montalivet when the wind dropped off for a few hours. After I got out I took it to Philippe Rodes' , Spyder Surf Shop ( http://www.surf-longboard.com/index.html ) and Bing and the guys kindly signed it for me. It was really nice to meet up with Matt , Margaret and Chris again and a real honour to meet and chat with Bing . I've gotta mention that Tom Moss was with them taking the photo's and sharing his vast knowledge on vintage Bings. A weekend I will never forget . Good luck with your new project. Aloha.Tim Wilson


  1. Cheers Mike. I can't say enough what a gentleman Bing is. I was honoured to spend some time with him.