Friday, August 5, 2011

how its done.

the below photo is from the LIFE archives. i'm feeling the guy receiving the frothy warm after surf beverage. he looks either impatient or in pain. perhaps he has a crick in his neck (from sleeping in his car the night before) that he has been ignoring during his entire session. now, he is slightly jealous of the guy ( who has already received his beverage) sitting on the bumper... the guy receiving the frothy after surf beverage is probably thinking "fuck! friend...careful with the suds, hurry this up!...i do thank you for them though." the guy pouring the beverage is probably a scientist, or a dentist. either way, he understands he is at the beach, he values the beverage, and is trying to actually get the liquid part into the guys cup... not giving a shit about the suds, as they are spilling onto the sand. the day is hot. (notice the pooch seeking shade under ther car)
hopefully this is what the surf looked like in the morning prior to them paddling out.

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