Sunday, October 2, 2011

eden and dead kooks!!!

eden sent this to me via Hey mike, hows things? To provide a little context first, i live on the Gold Coast and Matteo is one of my close friends. I know you guys are close and i have been a fan of what you're doing. I've been shaping under my own label Dead Kooks for a while and my latest board is something i wanted to share with you and your fans. Named Babi Guling - that's balinese for sucking pig- its 9'9 x 23 x 3. I hand shape all my boards and take pride in what we're creating. My buddy was kind enough to put a clip together of this board coming together which you can check vi My website is simply Have a look. I hope you enjoy, and would be stoked to hear from you soon. Eden -TDKS

check the video! this shit is so well done!!!!
thanks eden! that is what this blog is all about!

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