Sunday, October 2, 2011

help a sister out!

surfsister is reluctantly putting this pig surfboard up for sale. she contacted me via Hi, Mike! Here are the photos of the flex pig with the red fin. I don't want to sell, but the kid needs braces immediately. Since our finances are such that we are now a cash only family, I've got to make some cash appear so that we can get a big chunk of the payment out of the way right now. We have no insurance, therefore we'll be paying for the braces out-of-pocket. I'm letting the board go for $1000. Anyone who's interested in it can contact me at Thanks, Mike!! I don't want to sell. I also don't want my kid growing up $#%@! up teeth. He will always be more important than my quiver. Always.

absolutely surf sister, family is EVERYTHING.


  1. Dimensions of said board would be nice to know...thanks.

  2. GC2200 9' X 22" X 3" !!!!!!!!! (I got the dimensions . . . wait for it . . . from a Surf a Pig blog post earlier in the year!)