Sunday, December 11, 2011


had a great day today. tutored in the morning, cleared the "honey do" list in the late morning, caught a MAGNIFICENT "in-between shift" sesh at sliders. so many people were walking up as i was walking down. ...yeah! today was a day that reminds you how important every decision you make is.
worlds best surfers.
this next sequence had to be posted.

a clean one , screaming "pig city!!"
yeah, i was ready to own that shit.
i'm digging the sky.
a bit inconsistent, and at times the peaks were scattered.
my buddy texted me this photo. i don't know who made this installment, but got dam is it NUTZ!!!


  1. Yeah Mike! Had the same epic day on the old Bing myself!!! Cheers!!

  2. cheers jason, stoked to here it!

    i met a kid you have surfed with before. Evan. I gave him some stickers to give to you.