Sunday, December 4, 2011

the clean shit.

crazy weekend. shared sliders today with a new friend.

evan comes up to me at the board swap yesterday and says "are you black?". for which i reply: "yea".

after chumming it up at the swap yesterday, we exchange numbers and viola! sliders sesh in the mornin. evan is based north of point conception. he seemed quite comfortable down here!
obligatory line up shot!
...uhh.. did i say this was the CLEAN SHIT?!
clean template! (evan caught a few on my feral pig)
Evan!! cheers! it was great to meet you and share some stoke!!! (we exchanged boards today for a bit. i started off on my feral pig {fucking mental...had such a blast..nose rides, curl shoots, great cutbacks} then evan asked to give my board a go. i was stoked to swap. the first wave i caught on evan's ...the board felt kinda sticky. it was backside...and it was just a pure curl shooter... but i stuck it out and caught a few more. his board works well. it is quite alive when you are on the nose. it is great to live in a day where shapers are checking shit out, doing different things, figuring out this or that!)
then i received a text from my boy johnny. it said "ham sammich" with this pic attached. did i mention ...."the clean shit"?
i responded with this pic and the statement "toofless". back in june i got my two front teeth "repaired". i had busted them skateboarding and bmx-ing when i was a grom. i had to get root canals and crowns. last night on my way to bing's 1 year anniversary on the hill event, my wife , my daughter and i stopped to have some great sushi in ocean side. i was eating some edamame when my front crown came off. fuck it. we go to the event, and as i am trying to explain to margaret how my crown came off, it comes off and falls on the floor. i pick it up and put it back in and continue to try to talk. it comes off again and i try to catch it, juggling this front tooth. it was funny as fuck. 'corse there were people there with cameras. margaret, glen sakamoto, josh hall got a super fucked up video of my toofles ass! EPIC!!!!! any way, here is yet another toofles shot!
check the video!!!!
i poached these from the bing face book page. this shit was classic. the one time i get to get a pic with THE MAN, bing copeland...i am toofless. EHHH -- AHH -- PIC!
fuck yes.
yeah josh!!