Wednesday, February 15, 2012

life, cappy, bu, bing pig ,and a smoked pig

is that a dream?
nope. reality. been super busy...getting my math's up , spending time with my beautiful healthy family, and....SUFING THIS!!! this is not sliders. this is the cappy. i miss this wave. it is such a different surfing experience. what a beautiful area. islands in the background, perfect right point in the foreground. we were camping in some cabins just up the canyon from this slice of bliss this past weekend.
little D, godzilla, and big D... i can't wait!!!!!!!!
below is a few shots from a recent sliders session.

cheyen skasick sent me the following via Glad you got some in el capitan! not much luck in Leo actually horrible conditions but I stopped in malibu on our way home and got some fun clean ones on the flexpig! surf soon

cheyen is a hard working american surfer. stoked to know this kid! how sick are those bu shots!!!

justin coffey sent me this one via Hey Mike, My friend Derek recently received his custom 10' Bing Pig. I wrote about it's maiden voyage on my blog, the Peanut Butter Coast: I attached a few photos of Derek and the board. Thought you might like it. Hope all is well on your end. J.W.

check that peanut butter coast blog out. great stuff! justin really captured derek's stoke!!

anthony pit sent me this via Hey Mike, I just scored my new Oldenburg smoked pig. No concave and large D-fin. I looked at surfapig for months and decided to go traditional with it. Maiden voyage will be at Malibu this weekend.

nice one anthony! Oldenburg is laying it down! great guy!


  1. Just saw a pic of you picking up a mighty cute lookin' pigletty belly thing from Mr Calvani. Gonna try and stand up on that little piggy? Bet you dig up some grubby old stoke on that anyhow!

  2. thos

    I'm so stoked on this board!!!! so sick!!!

    my plan is to belly surf it, we'll see!!!

    I can't wait to push my daughter into her first wave on it!!

    I'm about to do a massive update here. I have some unreal photos.

    check back for some detailed photos!