Friday, July 6, 2012

pigsty and some sliders point!

tim from trim surfboards sent me this via surfapig@live.comHi Mike , 

I hope you and the family are well . I finally got the pigs out for a photo session .  I've always been into classic shapes but I started with pigs about six years ago with the old 10'4 Gordon Woods from a friend of mine , Cliff , who said it was shipped here in the mid sixties ( 66 I think ). It weights a ton and has a slightly more modern fin but I really enjoyed the way it rode . I then got the Endless summer just because I'd always wanted one and after I rode that I found that pigs were suited to the way I wanted to surf . I love the way that they all ride slightly differently but all have weight and belly . The cooperfish Blackboard is a monster 11' and as you well know has really full rails and is pretty flat whereas the Bing is more pinched and blended and the Jim Phillips has a more modern twist and is more user friendly for a pig newcomer in my opinion . The Ghost is a bit of an imposter and was bought on a whim when i saw the outline on the web but it is very interesting and a nice board in its own way . It is super light and has hard rails in the tail and a modern fin but I just threw it in there because it has such a piggy template . I wasn't sure whether to include it but I thought ' what the hell ' . 

I hope you enjoy the pictures and keep the stoke going . 

for which i responded: wow!!!! so stoked!!! quite a herd you got there fine sir!!  fucking sweet. stoked on the email, it'll be a great post!! thanks for reaching out!!! I wonder what your impression of our feral pig or the pork chop would be , given your experience on that bing. cheers Tim!! mike.
our conversation wrapped up with some pleasant exchanges, one of which from tim was was: I should have said in my first email that I love them all but I think the Bing is my favourite just because it seems to suit me the best. 
Cheers Mike , Tim
i've been scoring sliders lately. if you have an android or an iPhone, grab instagram, and check me out there. it's an easy way to post session updates, as they are happening, and other such goings on. i'm surfapig on instagram.
this little left is the "ghost wave". rarely breaks, takes patience, but if you are will be stoked!
stoked to surf with my good buddy robby today! also was super stoked to surf with my buddy Corey from moonsville collective. he's a great surfer, a great human, and a stoke generator.

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