Friday, July 13, 2012

recent happenings.

i love where i live. i just had a 2 hour sesh getting barreled out of my mind on my little piglet. i fucking love that board. so functional! how rad is it to be in a barrel? wave after wave after wave? my buddy was riding my pork chop
the next morning kam, reese, and i gave the butt wigglers down a sliders a lesson on proper board and control of said board. our buddy cody sanders was there to document it...those pictures to follow soon! the picture below is us walking up seeing it..knowing school was in session!
after 2 hours of lecturing! packing up looking back!
on a separate note, someone i don't know... has reached out to me and ask that i give their buddy's place a plug. i'm not one to capitulate just cause. however, if a reader is ever down in this area at some point perhaps this plug will help them make a decision. for better or worse...javi's paradise.


  1. A new discipline to our porcine ways
    Mike I want a piglet

  2. dansan,
    these boards are so fun!! call Margeret at Bing: 760 753 7989
    it took me a second to figure out where to put my hands , but once I dialed it in,
    I was smiling and laughing like a maniac. it's a little barrel device. so stoked!!