Thursday, August 16, 2012

the surfboard show October 6th and 7th 2012 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds

I've gone to Sacred Craft over the years. Most of the times I would leave whispering under my breath "why did i do this?".  "Sacred Craft" ... it felt like it should have been called "Very loud environment, with over priced beers, where you can see calendar models standing by flashy surfboards in one booth and the the latest technology in pop-out design in the next booth." Besides the noise, the price of beer, and the bizarre juxtaposition of exhibitors...the general experience left me feeling like I was at ground Zero of everything wrong with surfing. 

I can't say that my experiences at Sacred Craft were ALL bad. It is a great opportunity to catch up with friends you haven't seen in a while. I was stoked to be there last year at the Bing booth and talk to people about the Feral Pig. 

Sometime before last year's Sacred Craft i thought about getting a booth at one of the upcoming events. The idea was to get a booth and have it be some kind of "anti-booth booth" for friends (fellow exhibitors and patrons) to come and chill at and get away from all the madness. I wouldn't be pushin any agenda... rather, it'd just be an agenda-less place to kick back and people watch. Perhaps someone would ask what our booth was all about. Then maybe, just maybe a conversation about pig boards would arise.

Well I have finally pulled the trigger and grabbed a booth. However, speaking to the people organizing this year's event... it sounds like some key items are going to be different. For starters it's no longer called "Sacred Craft" it's called "The Surf Board Show". Already a step in the right direction. More honest perhaps.  Additionally, it sounds like they are organizing the exhibitors differently. They are clumping exhibitors near like minded folk (curious to see how this manifests itself). I'm sure it will still be loud, and I am sure the price of beer has only gone up. Be that as it may, i'm actually quite psyched about the event. After some thought, i'm  not stedfast on this "anti-booth booth" idea. My booth will be as far from pretentious as can be imagined...however, there will be an agenda. It will be a booth that celebrates this beloved surfboard called a PIG. I'll be creating a pig stable of sorts. At the Surf A Pig booth there will be creations from various friends. We'll definitely have some feral pigs to check out. October 6th and 7th 2012 I'll be at the Del Mar Fairgrounds stoked to converse about all things pig surfboard related. Please stop by and and share a chat!


  1. On the wrong end of I-10, I've never been but your thoughts on that sort of event resonates, and your booth will be a breath of fresh air that opens doors for somebody - John