Monday, August 13, 2012

Velzy for sale! $1300

This board has such crazy template! so stoked on this board. difficult for me not to grab this one. my buddy Chris is holding on to this for our buddy Bobby. This board is in great shape. Bobby provided the following story about the board: I picked this Velzy Pig up from Bird's Surf Shed last year. Bird gave me a brief history on it while we were chatting. Dale shaped this board for Ernie Higgins(I'm not sure when exactly). Ernie was keeping it at waterlines and brought it down to the Shed after G&S was sold and he had to clear out his stuff. He put it on consignment down there and that's when I scooped it up.  Cheers, Bobby

contact Chris : 619 980 1423 the board is in Oceanside.

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