Wednesday, November 28, 2012

few pigs, falling into winter...

patrick sent me this via surfapig@live.comMike, It's Patrick (Capitola Dewey Weber Pig - 9/5/2009 post).  Hope you are doing well.  I stumbled across a roll of film my dad took of me surfing the Weber pig two winters ago south of Santa Cruz and wanted to share a couple photos.  Because of school I haven't been able to check the blog that often, but when I do it's a joy to learn about other people's experiences with the pig shape.
Hope you had a nice holiday, Patrick

andy sent me this the other day via surfapig@live.comWhat up Mike!? So I thought of you first when I picked this up the other day.  I picked it up off a fellow board builder here in Redondo.  He gave me a bit of info on it. Says his shop thinks it to be around 58' 59' because of the logo. There's one little section of delam on the stringer that should be an easy fix.  Also he already did some nose patching and tail patching.  The thing is solid, but it's ugly as sin.  Thinking I'm going to grind it down some and reglass it , keeping the logo in tact and also adding an inch bead of glass around that Fin. Some hodaddy drilled a hole in the fin somewhere down the line.  Anyway figured I'd send it off to you to see if any other piggers out there have any info on it and these old logos.   It's pretty identical to my "modern" Terry Martin Pig, but I know he didn't start with Hobie until the early - mid 60s?  Take care Mike! Andy

i was hoping john cherry or someone else might have some idea about this board. if anyone has any information about this board , please pass it my way! i'll get it to andy...cheers!! buddy Robby turned me onto the below christmas sweater:
i need it.

thanks patrick and andy for the contributions!

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