Saturday, October 30, 2010

as clean as it gets. G & S

james sent this to me via am so glad I have found your site. I have been trying to find some info about a board I just purchased and have had no real luck. I hope you can help. It is a G&S 9' 6" pig with no serial # and cant seem to find anything that resembles it on the net. I Also had no response from G&S. I hope these pics will help. Thanks, James

i said, bring it to sacred craft, or contact the surfing heritage foundation. other than that...i suspect it's about a '63. i don't know...i'm just a humble math teacher!

how clean is this board?!
NICE!! all i can ...if this were my board i would be PSYCHED! and I would surf this thing exclusively for the foreseeable future. assuming of course the blackboard didn't exist.
anyone with information on who shaped this and when/where it was shaped...please email me at

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