Wednesday, October 6, 2010

carl and a pacific systems

carl sent me this via Hi Mike, Thanks for you response. I have a story for you. My friend worked at a mall and in a warehouse there were old displays and sighs. Sitting there was the board that I sent you pictures of. He ask what they were going to do with the board and they were going to toss it. That was about 20 yrs ago. They let him have it and he stored it. He deiced to try and sell the board this last few months on craigslist. Due to no job. The original owner of the board noticed the logos on the board and stated it was stolen over 20yrs ago. He wanted the board back but not for asking price. My friend being worried went to the police department. The statue ran out after 3 years. He saved the board from the trash almost 20 yrs ago. At this point it was his property. The original owner did not have the amount he was asking for. I suggested he give back the board and take what money he did have. The difference was about $800 bucks. So, he asked me if I wanted it and I pondered it for a day. So, on a whim I bought the board. he then asked me if I was going to give back to the original owner. I stated I'm paying your asking price you got it for free and if he couldn't pay it I would not be able to sell it back to him. I was reading you blogs and got interested in Pigs. I thought I had a Velzy, but I was told its a Pacific Systems Board. =) Nice not a Velzy but still very nice. So, let me cut to the point because of you I started looking for Pigs. Guess what I found?,,,,,,, :) I was on craiglist and typed in Velzy Pig and the board popped up. Thanks for you & your blog.Thanks again, Carl



    go look.

  2. thanks for the heads up with that link. some of those boards are WACKY! loved the jim phillips shots. leave it to swaylocks to have some wide point aft boards with all kinds of fin variations. that lake surfing shot at the end is a reality check!