Saturday, June 4, 2011

l.a. pig!

yey-AH! mollusk VENICE!!!!!!! spreading the good word!

surfsister sent the pictures below to me. FEEEYYY-YUCK! this board is detailed. what craftmanship in the glassing! here is what she said!

this is my new pig. I have a friend in San Diego who shapes boards when he's not working full-time and glassing/sanding for Nick Mirandon. I don't have the board yet. He just finished it last night. We agreed to forego the D fin on this one. Instead, he glassed on a Nuuhiwa-style fin (which he foiled himself). He did all the work on this board himself. And I am floored. I said I wanted red, black and white. He asked if he could surprise me with the board's appearance. I said yes. But I didn't expect this beauty!!

I have an Almond pig, a Cooperfish Flexpig (which is the shit) and now a Salted Alternator! I love my pigs, Mike.

yes you do surfsister, yes you do! i love your pigs!!!

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