Tuesday, June 21, 2011

maiden voyage on the new pintail flexpig!

thank you mother nature, thank you gene cooper.
well, this board rides VERY intuitively. it feels very smooth. the waves today weren't that powerful, but the few with any power at all gave me a chance to feel this board in the transition part of the face. this thing is luscious on the fade left go right. it handles my fat ass on the nose beautifully. it is stable up there, yet controllable. I have had quite a bit of experience on a hornet, and on my ole malibu foil pintail... so maybe that has something to do with this board feeling so intuitive. i don't know...i feel like i have been surfing this board forever. this one has a bit less foam in the rail than my old one, maybe a few other refinements...i don't know. my stoke meter is pegged!
yeah, i had one wave where my right arm was stuck in the face up to my triceps, you'd have thought i was examining a cows innards or something. it was a wave where i got two head dips, then a nice little up toward the nose trim...just looking at the glass.
obligatory foliage.
another slider.
hey! what gives?!!
check the video!

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  1. Nice report. That answers the big question of Sticky Bumps or Sex Wax.