Thursday, November 17, 2011

mega hodge podge!!!!!

my good buddy miles sent me these super epic texas day photos. he says "DIG THE PIG" : Rode the original flexipig that I got used from Gene in June for the first time for a full session (5 hours) this morning and it’s a blast and nose rides very well. 9.7 and like 28 lbs and flat as an ironing board but that and the 7-8 second swell made it pretty easy to catch waves. I think the fact that it’s only 9.7 made it easy for me to put it where I wanted in a hurry compared to the monsters I usually ride.

my good buddy andrew is having an art show in Oceanside Friday (514 coast highway) . Be there!!!!!!!

john cherry sent this to me via "Hi Mike, I just posted a couple pigs I built for Japan. 3” chambered balsa stringers. The template is the same one I put together for Bobby Donnelly’s pig that we shaped just before I got your VJ to restore. If you recall, when I laid my template over your VJ, it lined up identically with the exception that my template was about 1/16” wider through the middle third, giving an ever so slight curve in the mid rail more so than the VJ. I love the template. BTW……I love your new Bing!!!!! Aloha Bro, JC"

andy byrne
sent this to me via Hey Mike!Been lurking your blog ever since it popped up. Love the stoke sharing going on!So I did a craigslist swap this weekend. I ended up trading a 9ft Ryan Lovelace Pointer (which to begin with is a very piggish/chip outline) for a real deal Terry Martin 9'6'', 3.5'' double volan pig. This thing is MEAN. Probably weighs about 15lbs. Anyway I took it out at Porto yesterday for some chest high soft waves. I couldn't believe how well it rode. Plus I even got some cheater 5's in. I was a little worried that it would be a straight shooter boat. It couldn't be more of the opposite. Anyway, super stoked on it. It's the first pig I've ever owned and I think it will not be the last. Oink Oink. Here's a couple pics. Maybe you've seen it around. Andy

a little departing shot from south of sliders:

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