Thursday, November 3, 2011


tom mahady sent me this via Here are some pics of my personal ride. Eps foam, epoxy lam, UV Clear gloss coat and a quad.
Tom Mahady

i love getting submissions like this. i feel it represents what this site is all about. i'm stoked that people check this site out. I am stoked they are putting their own spin on things, or perhaps doing their own thing and taking the time to send it my way. I missed the quad part when I read Tom's email. I was looking at the template on the first photo, and was like "huh...clean. is it short? how wide is it?" then i was off to the second photo. "is that a down rail? ...wait...WHAT?!" there are many different ways to skin a pig i suppose. i have my 5 elements however, many people feel a single element (wide point aft) is THE defining characteristic of a pig. and there is where we find this board, and that board donnie had at sacred craft.


  1. Mike, this is my Uncle that I was telling you about. He's a hell of a craftsmen and has taught me a lot. Nice and Clean Uncle Tom!