Wednesday, January 25, 2012

250!!!!!...and the obligatory hodge podge!!!!

i have an obsession with the piglet. fortunately for me and other piglet enthusiast there exist matt calvani. matt is a skilled craftsman and a devotee of tradition , yet understands tomorrow exist. below is my upcoming surfcraft. currently it is glassed. holy FEE-YUUUCCCCKKKK!!!
i sent matt the below image of my desired finish after he had sent me the shaped blank pic. you have to love that!!!!!
lately i have been working on some crazy mathematics projects. i am more stoked on surfing than ever. however as far as the internet is has been more about mathematics than pigs. hence my delay as of late. be that as it may... here is a wee slice of my surf lab. there is yeah-er-auld ( my alpaca sheleighleigh), and spike (my first buck killed and ate on 12/ 22 / 91 off hand - one shot in kinney county, Texas).
jesse sent me this via Was going to send some epic pig shots of town jetty today but camera went in the drink never to be seen again. Still dig reading the stuff you put up keep it up man. Instead of the pics you might enjoy this.

Take it easy man, Jess

cheers Jess! that video makes me think of this one:

andy sent me this via Hi Mike, Picked this Royal 9’4 pig today...shaped when he lived over here...sweet eh ? Cheers, Ed
yeah! rob royal is a resin wizard!!!!

gannet sent me this via
Hey Mr Black,Took this pic while on a break from cold Vicco waters @ Lennox Head. Purist will gasp in horror but I'm having a ball on this 10 ft plastic CJ Nelson with a Captain Fins "D". Its all about the ride. Great site keep it up, Gannet
i've been to this point. the whole time i was wishing i had my pig. i love to see pix like this!!!

thank all you 250 for the support!!!!!!!!