Thursday, January 5, 2012

Greek pig!!!!

Othon (otto) Mentis and I exchanged a few emails via

hey mike it's otto the guy from greece who's making the pig!! hope everything is going fine! finally yesterday we finished shaping the board and it's a beauty!!! there's one more question i want to ask you.. you think is better to put a glass on fin or a finbox? my problem is that the tail is almost excactly the same thickness as the fin box and i m gonna get an extra inch from the glassing... so maybe me and my friend think it might be better to put a glass on fin ( i dont remember the dimension of the tail it's 7 o'clock in the morning and i 've been drinking Crazy) you think that the extra one inch could brake the whole tail if i crash anything with the fin??? the truth is i prefer the fin box in case of travelling
anyway i hope i made any sence!



I understand how nice a box is for traveling, but ask yourself how much you travel. If you aren't traveling that much I'd go with the glass on. Glass on is strong and classic.



Hey mike! We finally made it! HA! And it's super fun i love it! It turns good and it noserides. Man thanx a lot you 've been very helpfull we wouldn't be able to do it right if it wasn't you!
So here are some pictures of the pig in and out of the water!!

FUCK YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

post like this humble me.

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