Thursday, October 4, 2012

any idea?

wade sent me this from his friend steve via Hey Wade, Here is a few shots of the Velzy Original Pig I bought on Craigslist. It was made for a guy in Ventura who knew Dale. Board was ordered in the last year or so Dale was alive. Wall hanger in an office never has touched the water. I bought it for $500. I have been told that Terry Martin or Jim Phillips may have shaped it due to Dale's health conditions. No signature with the serial number 96084. Aloha, Steve

jim, andrew..any info?

in other surfapig related news....

48 hours until pig mania! stop by the booth at the surf board show this saturday and sunday! share a chat, people watch! good times!!


  1. Andrew, Dales old rep had the following to say:

    It's either Earnie Higgins, Bob Mitsven, or Ralph Parker. I don't think it was Jim as I don't recall him doing a whole lot after Dale sold his model production to the Japanese. Terry could've done it too but he was doing a lot of the wood stuff off the machine then. have fun surfing it. you could email Fran (dale's widow).

  2. more thing.

    you scored!!!! $500!


  3. Thanks Mike; really stoked on the purchase of this board. Thanks for the input on who may have shaped it. See you guys at the Sacred Craft show!