Sunday, December 13, 2009

A very good time...despite the weather!

Dec 12th 2009 Jazz the Glass premiered in Costa Mesa, Ca. I am so stoked to have people believe in us. Thanks be to all that braved the hostile weather and drove out. Steve Brom had his board that looked like it was a restoration from the 70's (thanks to Chris Fallon). Gene Cooper brought his MINT Velzy Jacobs pig. Gene also brought the prototype BLACKBOARD. ....need I say TITS!!!. A couple lucky bastards won boards (thanks to Ryan Engle and 12th Floor). What a night. The food was UNREAL. The beer was cold and PRIMO!! thank you primo!! It is so satisfying to hear people laughing their asses off and see great surfing at the same time. The music and the sound of this movie BLEW me away. Last night was the first time I had seen the finished project.  ....anyway thank you to all that came out for the SHOW!!!


  1. That movie was epic Mike! Thanks again for everything. I'll be sure to wear the Jazz T-Shirts in New Zealand and spread the word... that is if I'm not too busy taking baths in jacuzzis full of malt liquor and showing Flossie my pud!

  2. you should try the acropolis!

    i met this girl named first hooker. she had a tounge like an egg beater.. i couldn't sit down for 2 weeks!!