Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lance Reaves makes a pig! NICE!!!

Lance Reaves sent me this via I have to say , I am so ULTRA STOKED on stuff like this. This board looks rad. NICE WORK. Please email some pix of this thing in action if you ever get any. Thank you for sending these picture and the story!
"I thought you might want to see a pig that I built recently.  I’m just a backyard builder and I made up this board from what I could glean from your posts, as I have never even seen or held a vintage pig to copy.  This board was inspired by your Calvani Bing and the Lance Carson pigs.  It seemed wrong to put a fin-box in, but I wanted to play around with making some different fins.  The board is 9’8” x 22-1/2” x 3-1/8 with 16-1/2” N and 17” T. The wide point is about 18” behind center and the bottom has as much belly as I dared put in.  The black resin panels will probably shed wax like crazy in the Central Florida heat, but the look of your Bing blew me away so I kind of copied it. "


  1. Lance. Nice. I like it. Those fins look great. Did you make them? platty.

  2. Platty: Thanks. Yeah, those were my first try at wood/glass fins. Honduras Mahogany and Fiddleback maple to match the tailblock.

    I LOVE your resto blog. I've been checking that regularly for a while. Great work!