Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Friends of Jazz the Glass!

American Astronaut scored Jazz the Glass. They are MEAN RIPPERS. We are so honored they believe in us. Jazz the Glass would not be the project it is without them. Check out their latest project STINGRAY SAM
A huge thanks to Gene Cooper for his friendship, support and belief for all these years. 
Thank you Eric Walden and Brian Michler of 12th floor surfboards for all the amazing work, and the surfboard for the raffle.
Jon Steele... THE DEATH WEASEL... the master of the lens. Thanks be to a great friend. Jon shreds.
Robby Adams @ Hurley has been HUGE in supporting STOKE FILMS,LLc. I have never paid attention to huge corporations. Hurley has shown me that you can use the power of being huge to provide opportunities for people that aren't huge. That is HUGE. 
A massive thank you to Ryan Smith at SLIDE magazine. You believed in us before we had anything done. I am so pumped we pulled this off. Thank you for having faith in us.
Thanks be to John McCambridge and Mollusk Surfshop
A huge shout out to PRIMO BEER for sponsoring our Hurley premier. 
Thank you Ryan Engle of Nation Surfboards for your support of Jon Steele and for the other surfboard to be raffled.
Thank you Chad Marshall for your friendship and the mean ripping skills you brought to this movie. Thank you Matt Wesson, Jared Mel, and all the other mean rippers!

Thank you to every one that has helped spread the word... Saturday Night dec 12. 7p.m.  at the Hurley HQ. 

This being my blog.... I am going to throw a MEGA thanks to David Potter. The Reverend Speefnarkle. You technical wizard, you comedic genius.